3 Stunning Above Ground Pool Design Ideas

You are a mother of small children who loves playing in the water. You have been thinking long and hard about getting the kids a swimming pool because the climate where you live stays sunny all year long. While you do not want to invest in an underground pool, you are willing to put money into an above ground pool for your kids to enjoy.

Above ground pools can be designed with style, class and can be just as attractive as an underground pool. While you want to look at designs for your above ground pool, you are unsure of where to begin.

The best place to start is to consult it with a pool specialist who can show you ideas for designing your stunning above ground pool. They work for different types of homes and go over plans and help shape design ideas that will work for you and your family. Think about what you would like to use for your above ground swimming pool. This will be a great starting point.

In addition, this article will also give you 3 stunning above ground pool design ideas for you to think about before purchasing.

A stone above ground pool

While you may not want to pay the money for an underground pool, you will still want the kids to feel like they are swimming in one. Depending upon the size of your backyard and the space that you have allotted for a swimming pool, you can create a dream oasis for your children to splash around all day.

A great design idea is putting stone around your above ground pool. You will need to work directly with a pool specialist to have this done. Choose your favorite stone that will blend well with your home and have the experts come in and begin. Once your stone above ground pool is completed, your neighbors will be in awe of what a difference it adds to your backyard.

Having a stone above ground pool is attractive, classy and safe for your kids to play. Another great thing about a solid stone pool is that when bad weather comes and brings lots of wind, your stone above ground pool can withstand anything.

Wood designed pool or add different shapes

Another great way to get away from the old drab above ground plastic pool, is to add wood around it. By adding solid wood around your pool, it will help upgrade its look, while lending a sense of class and elegance to the design. You may want to use a square design, circular or even a hexagonal design for your above ground swimming pool. Adding solid beautiful colored wood along with a different shape for your pool will make it more interesting for your kids and family. This will be the talk of your neighborhood because it will be something that is uniquely different than the older types of pools. Gone are the days of plastic. Now you can introduce beautiful solid wood to your pool for your kids to enjoy.

Above ground pool ideas

Can easily be found by speaking with a pool specialist or reading books and magazines that explain about decorating swimming pools. As you begin to see creative above ground pool ideas that you like, begin to write them down. This helps if you need to look at your ideas again. Writing down your ideas will help you to decide what particular wooden above ground pool will work best for your family.

Add a beautiful deck to your above ground swimming pool

While your swimming pool may be the talk of your neighborhood, there is nothing more glamorous than having a great deck for your above ground swimming pool. Decks add drama and contrast to an already great pool design. When you add a deck, your kids will have something to walk on before entering your pool. Decks also allow you to sunbathe or relax by your poolside.

Decks can be beneficial while adding elegance at the same time. You will need to decide what kind of deck you would like. It is often best to contrast your deck with your pool. If your above ground swimming pool is made of multi-colored stone, then choose a dominant color from the stone, for your deck’s color. If you have a wooden swimming pool, then choose a colored deck that will compliment the wood. A deck adds so much to a pool that is already stunningly beautiful. Use your deck in both an aesthetic and functional way when thinking about designs for your above ground swimming pool.

These are some great ways to design your pool with something that will be different and unique for your kids, family, friends and neighbors to enjoy. Remember to always do your homework. Your stone pool must blend well with your home as this will be a central focal point in your backyard. Also, the wood must compliment your home as well as the age of your home. More contemporary looking wood for your pool may not look good, if you are living in an older home.

Get a trained pool specialist to assist you with ideas as well. He can tell you what will work best for your home. If you have a smaller back yard, then your pool design ideas will need to reflect the size and space allotted for your above ground swimming pool. You may want to allow the kids to pick colors, shapes, sizes. This will help them to feel that they are a part of the design process.

Once you decide on the materials, shape, size and deck for your pool, you can feel more confident in knowing that your design ideas came from you personally, with a little help from your kids.


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