What Does a Construction Carpenter Really Do?

The construction industry is a vital part of the economy, with the industry valued at $8.5 trillion dollars in 2015. This figure is expected to grow to around $10.8 trillion by 2020. Construction workers form the backbone of this industry and one of the most important people on a construction site is the construction carpenter. But what does this role entail? This article will answer this question, showing the important role that construction-carpenters play in the construction industry.

Make Accurate Measurements and Cuts

One of the most important things construction carpenters do on the building site is cutting material to the precise length required. Though the materials used for cutting may vary between hand tools and power tools, one thing that must remain consistent is the accuracy of the cuts.

Inaccurate cuts will waste materials or, if installed, may damage the building’s structural integrity. To make accurate cuts, construction carpenters must read the blueprints carefully, to make sure that they make the right length cut in the right location.

Join Materials Together Precisely

Construction carpenters are trusted with joining materials and creating structures, a job that carries a lot of responsibility. For example, when building a window frame, if the materials aren’t joint together properly several issues may arise for the potential home buyer. For example, the frame might not be structurally sound and may cause injury to the owners.

Additionally, if the frame isn’t installed straight it may cause the frame to look unsightly. Carpenters will install hundreds of structures like this over their careers, each time facing different challenges. To successfully complete the job though, they must carefully read blueprints and know how to use instruments like saws, drills, water levels and plumb bobs.


Getting qualified as a construction carpenter offers a wide range of interesting possibilities, as there is a huge amount of variety in the job. Many construction sites will hire a carpenter to help them complete the project.

For example, carpenters may work on building residential properties. Alternatively, they might work on an industrial project, such as the building of a bridge. The skills mentioned above make carpenters useful on a wide range of construction projects. Additionally, some carpenters may choose to specialize in a specific area of carpentry while others may choose to remain generalized.

This article has examined the roles a construction carpenter may complete on a building site and why this role is important. First, we looked at how carpenters cut materials precisely, if cut incorrectly money might be wasted or structural integrity may be affected.

Then, we examined how carpenters can join materials together following plans from the blueprints, if the materials are incorrectly joined home owners may be unsatisfied with the final project, in some cases their safety may even be at risk. Finally, we discussed why these skills mean that carpenters are required on a variety of projects from industrial to residential. Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of what a construction carpenter does and why this role is important.


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Written by Amelia Paten

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