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The Concrete Floors In my Dads Restaurants

My dad always wanted to open his own restaurant which would only serve Pakistani cuisine. Years back we moved to the US when terrorism was on the rise in Pakistan. Everybody felt threatened while living there because there were no boundaries for terrorism. You could become a bomb blast victim anytime anywhere. Amidst all the chaos in the country, my dad got his immigration and so we moved to the US to spend the remaining years of our life here. I was a teenager back then and my dad celebrated every Pakistani festival and practiced all Pakistani customs so that we won’t forget our homeland. All of us were food lovers and my dad didn’t want us to forget the taste of Pakistani food so every day he’d ask my mom to cook something new and then on the weekends he’d cook something different from Pakistani cuisine for us. This trend kept on while he saved money for the dream restaurant he had always thought of opening. In ten years he had saved enough money and so recently he put the plan into action.

He managed to get two stories building on rent for the restaurant and we bought the required furniture according to space. It took us two weeks to get everything in order but no matter how much we tried to clean the place it would still give a rough look. So we came to the conclusion that the concrete floors needed some color and polishing. For this, we hired a company which offered concrete staining in Ventura County CA. The professionals from the company came the next day to discuss the project with us. The company officials guided us on how we could add colors to the concrete floors and get them polished so that they would have a natural shine to them.

They told us that they were also known as one of the top concrete restoration companies in Ventura County CA and could help us restore these floors back to their original shape with some added texture and color. So we agreed to their ideas. Once the floors were done and the furniture was set the place looked as if it had just been newly built. I still remember the expression on my dad’s face when he saw the floors all polished and stained for the first time. He was shocked because he wasn’t expecting such a fine work from the concrete restoration company.

So the restaurant finally opened and initially, we didn’t hire many people because we intended to make it a family business and extend the business later. The response was not great in the first two weeks but after that, as more and more people from our community found out about it the business started doing well. It’s been a year since we opened the restaurant and I’m happy to say that my dads business is running successfully.


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