Southwestern Rugs: A Real Interior Design Hidden Gem

Area rugs are one of the key elements essential for upgrading your interior design and decorating. There are plenty of reasons to why it is good to have area rugs in living rooms or family rooms. They provide not only comfort, warmth, and coziness to the room but also such a stylish ambiance that captivates visitors. Area rugs are often better than wall-to-wall carpet because if you get bored of your old style, you can change them out easily. There are many different types, but our favorite is southwestern area rugs.

Southwestern Area Rugs

A southwestern style is a hard aesthetic to pin down specifically. Southwestern rugs are dominated by the style popularized by Native American and Navajo people. These are the rugs that have different patterns infused with the colors of many tribes and civilization, touched by modern artistic style. This style is a result of thoughtfulness of its creators (pioneer American tribes), they used to make them by hand and that’s why these rugs area so incredibly detailed. Hundreds of years ago when Native American tribes made their blankets or rugs they used to place them at their doors to provide warmth in houses. However, when visitors started visiting these tribes in the late 19 century, they got intrigued by the styles of these rugs. From that point on, American tribes started selling these rugs and they have since become interior design delicacies.

Nowadays there are only a few companies that make these rugs with very detail and complexity. Our favorite place for Southwestern rugs has to be Southwestern Rugs Depot. Southwestern rugs can be recognized due to their neutral hues with a combination of some reds, blues, and greens. Mostly rugs are made of natural colors with intricate patterns. These rugs are made of pure wool and that is the reason they provide warmth.

Home Decorating

Southwestern rugs are an easy way to give your home’s a stylish and artistic look. Southwestern rugs, with their natural and bright welcoming shades, add warmth to the atmosphere of rooms. These rugs can be matched with your room’s upholstery and other furniture. These rugs come in different sizes, so you can adjust them according to your room. Your guests will surely marvel at the intricacy of the southwest patterns.

To find your next southwest rug, you must :

  • Always buy your rugs from authentic brands whom you are sure that they would have used good material.
  • When buying your next rug, go for the appropriate size that will fit your space and not feel too crowded. I recommend going for a larger size than you think you might need. A size like an 8×10, for example, is usually a safe bet.
  • Find simple furniture to complement the intricate patterns in southwest design.
  • Go for quality. Authentic southwestern rugs are not cheap. If you are looking for a bargain then you will most likely be disappointed with the level of quality in the area rug.


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Written by Virily Editor