Search and Explore: 5 Ways to Get a Pet-Friendly Apartment

You may consider your pet as part of your family, but not all landlord will accept it on their premises. A lot of apartments today doesn’t allow pets for many understandable reasons. While some landlords allow pets such as fish in tanks, hedgehogs, and other small animals, they don’t still allow furry pets within their premises.

If you have a pet dog or cat and you’re looking for a place to stay, hunting an apartment could be challenging. But the good news is there are a lot of pet-friendly apartments rising today. They even offer generous and unselfish accommodations.

You don’t have to worry if you think you can’t find one, because 55% of all landlords allow tenants to have a pet, so the odds are in your favor. Here’s a list of tips to help you find a suitable and pet-friendly apartment.

Use the Internet to your Advantage

When searching for an apartment, using the internet and any online tools could greatly help you in locating one. By exploring the web for the nearest vacant pet-friendly apartment, you can narrow it down according to your conditions.

You can choose the location easily according to what you prefer. So before you start searching manually on the streets, begin first by using the internet and other online tools.

Take All the Time You Need

Who wants the hassle? Nobody likes the trouble when it comes to moving out. Finding pet-friendly apartments isn’t a simple responsibility. You need to plan thoroughly on how you would handle everything when the time comes. But if you’re currently renting an apartment now, start checking ads, contact rental agencies and agents, ahead of time.

Create a Pet Resume

If it’s hard to persuade your landlord about having a pet in the vicinity, then prepare a pet resume ahead. A pet resume is essential especially if your pet is a dog. You need to show your landlord that your pet is well-trained and that you are a responsible pet owner.

This type of document should contain all the information about your pet. If you have been in a rental apartment before, you should include a letter of reference from your previous landowner to show that you’re an eligible pet handler.

A pet resume also is essential especially if you have a service dog as some dogs have an aggressive history in them, so drafting a pet resume could land you on your dream apartment.

Search for a Private Landlord

Local landlords or what you call a manager of a professionally-managed building is more strict with their rules than of a private landlord. If you try to talk to the one who’s managing an apartment, it’ll be difficult for you to persuade as they are just following the rules and policies given to them by the owner.

But if you look for private landlords or individual owners that manage their own apartment, there’s a higher chance of negotiating your concern. So look for private landlords that don’t advertise their apartments as pet-friendly as they are more comfortable to talk to and easier to wear down.

Promote Yourself and Have the Will to Pay Extra

There are different types of landlords. Some are grumpy, some are generous, and some might need a little more cash. Make yourself wise enough to negotiate all the positive things you can offer to the landlord. Persuasion can be hard, but with the right choice of words and confidence, you might be able to achieve your goal.

Promote yourself to the landlord. Make him/her feel that you are a responsible pet owner. Every landlord should know that responsible pet owners make excellent tenants. Also, to make persuasion effective, you should be willing to pay a little extra. You should be able to tell your landlord that you’re willing to pay extra fees during your stay.


There are a lot of ways on how to look for the most suitable pet-friendly apartment. One thing you should remember is that you should be honest and don’t try to sneak your pet in the vicinity.

You should know that you can’t always persuade a landowner and that it’s essential to have a list of apartments so that you wouldn’t be stuck looking one by one. Consider these five tips to find the dream apartment for you and your pet.


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Written by Tom Clark

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