Leaves and Your Gutters Together? There’s Something Cooking Up for You!

The autumn leaves may be a delight to watch falling from the trees, but when the same enters your gutters, it can be a pain in the neck! The clogging gutter due to the leaves is a very common problem each of us faces! Not only in autumn, even other seasons see a lot of leaves and debris being collected in the gutters. Some come traveling through the wind, others due to hurricane or storm, and few with the birds and most during fall! But leaves are there in your gutter ready to create a nuisance for you!

No matter how much you try, your home would be showing an issue and another every now and then! Be it peeling paints or overflowing gutter, the issues stay to give you a headache and you do all you can to understand the root cause of the problem so that it doesn’t occur so frequently. But this is easier said than done! Your gutters would keep on clogging and you’ll have to call for a guttering service in Newcastle NSW like Ian’s Property Maintenance company to deal with it. They repair, clean and maintain your gutters for you with their expertise and experience and you get relieved in this way!

Some nuisance leaves can cause in and with your gutters!

Leaves look beautiful, but only when they are on the trees! Once they enter your gutters, they are nothing but garbage, and have the power to create a lot of issues for you. Read about some of the issues that you have to face because of the leaves in your gutters; and these facts, we are sure, no company would ever let you know!

Leaves falling in the gutters can be more trouble than you can think — While leaves in the gutters may seem a petty issue to you, it can cause lots of problems than just clogging your gutters. Clogs because of the leaves can lead to a lot of inconveniences like rotting soffits, fascia, slip and falls along with damage to the exterior, and spoiling of your home’s foundation and landscape too. Also, these leaves can block the filters of the gutters totally, making it entirely useless for you!

Leaves can cause your roof to sag  Do you know the weight of the water and the collected leaves along with the debris can cause your roof to sag? This isn’t a big problem until it’s just the screws that are affected in this sagging! If the matter goes beyond that, you’ll have to call for professional companies to repair your gutter and put it back into its position. But even for the same, you’ll have to clean the overflowing gutters first and take that leaves out of it!

A gutter guard may or may not help against the leaves  We know the hype about installing gutter guards so that no foreign material enter your gutters and clog it! But that can be true in very few cases! And even if it is, what about the debris that’s already settled in it along with the tiny leaves? Have you got that cleaned before installing the gutter guard? And even if you did, there’s always some way or the other that the leaves tend to enter your gutters with the flowing wind (your guards can’t stop the wind to flow around it, can it?). This leads to the same matter of leaves clogging the gutters! So, the baseline here is, no doubt the guards are doing their job of preventing as much of invasion of leaves and debris as it can, it just can’t prevent them totally from entering the gutters! This takes you to square one once again — clean them occasionally!

Leaves brew like tea in your gutters Ever imagined that? The leaves getting collected in your gutters — means in standing water – and so can steep. This is later poured down due to overflowing gutters. They obviously fall directly on your external wall making it look patchy and dirty with all the dirty water and leaves on it! Ok, so far, no major damage done! You can clean and wash the area with water and you are good to go! But wait; there are those stains on the wall where there have been leaves! These stained walls are what your brewed leaves gifted you and can be a pain in the neck to clean.

So, did you understand now how those leaves can cause you a bucket full of problems if you aren’t cleaning them entirely from the gutters periodically? Better do it now before they create havoc again!


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Written by Lauren Williamson

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