How An Undermount Sink Is A Better Option In The Kitchen

Planning a new kitchen design or a remodel requires giving your space a touch of style and elegance. And nothing does this better than an undermount sink. This sink has clean lines and without visible seams where the sink and countertop meet. Your countertops maintain the classy look and feel. Additionally, undermount sinks have a clean look with a sleek appeal. These sinks are easy to clean with fewer chances of dirt and grime accumulating between the sink and countertop.

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Here’s a catch

Ensure to have a solid surface countertop when investing in an undermount sink. This should be granite or marble. It eliminates the use of other countertops with a flipside to them. Laminate countertops are likely to delaminate on exposure to too much moisture. Eventually, the laminate countertop is likely to bubble up. Therefore, stay away from countertops without a solid surface to avoid such scenarios.

How to choose an undermount sink

Kitchen sinks can have bowl options including single bowl, double bowl, or triple bowl. Therefore, you have to choose one meeting your requirements. After picking the sink and size, you have to determine the installation process. Every brand has a specified fastening and assembly proves of their sink to the countertop. Perhaps the sink has a template for marking where fastening holes are to be cut. It’s better to find a manufacturer offering custom cutting options or precut installation markings for a simple and easy process.

What makes undermount sinks a better option

Distinctive features

It’s a great idea to buy granite sinks with an undermount design for their distinctive features. The edge of the sink is mounted below the solid surface countertop. This makes the sink to effectively hand underneath the countertop. Your undermount sink doesn’t sit on top of the counter like other sink options. The benefit from this is a continuous flow from the countertop to the sink.

Cleaning is a breeze

After preparing meals, food scraps are easy to wipe into an undermount sink. This sink lacks an exposed rim that might catch dirt and crumbs. Additionally, the absence of a rim reclaims about half a square inch of space on the countertop. With more space and ease of cleaning, undermount granite sinks are very attractive in any kitchen for their minimalist look.

Compatibility with countertop

An undermount sink ( is more suited for pairing with a solid surface countertop. This must be made from materials such as granite, marble, soapstone, and concrete. As noticed above, laminate countertops and tile counters are not a good choice with an undermount sink. These have many weak points on the seams and grout lines making them less effective in supporting the weight of an undermount sink.

Bottom line

For a successful kitchen remodel, choosing the right features is very important. When it comes to the right sink, you can’t go wrong with a granite undermount sink. This sink oozes cleanliness for lacking rims that catch grime and mounting underneath a solid countertop. An undermount sink is an ideal choice to give your kitchen space a touch of style and elegance.


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