Decorations and curtains

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When choosing a curtain, the size of the window opening, the height of the ceilings and the style of the apartment must be taken into account. For example, a fabric that has crossbars visually increases space. Vertical tape can increase walls. The curtains of cold tones will leave the room cold, and the warm shadows will warm the room. It is better to use curtains that are slightly darker or lighter in color than the background – then they will not connect to the walls. The fabric color is desirable to be combined with the upholstery of furniture.

Curtains that do not have a pattern will perfectly fit with all interior items. Those who like the pattern with a pattern should pay more attention to furniture, carpets and wallpaper – it is important that there are not too many colorful things in the room. For small rooms it is better to choose one-color curtains of soft colors. In order to revive the interior in this case it is necessary to use stylish accessories – lamps, mirrors, pictures.

As for the design of the curtain, it depends entirely on the height of the ceilings. If you are happy and can boast of large windows and high ceilings, use long curtains. On low ceilings, it is better to avoid lush draperies and lambrequins. For a warm season, the curtains of flying transparent fabrics are perfectly suitable, and in the cold winter, narrow curtains warm warm colors look good. For fans of experiments, the so-called ply cake, i.e.

Using several curtains for a single window will be a good solution. You can hang any number of light curtains, shading them one – dense and heavy. The basic principle is that the canvases need to fit in perfectly and have a good antagonism. The main thing in the design of window holes is a sense of proportion and good taste. If you are careful, you can make every room unusual, memorable and beautiful.


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