7 vital tips that make the process of house painting easier

In the case of any home task, you may hire the best possible service in town. But what most people tend to forget, that alone is not enough to ensure that the job gets done thoroughly. There are certain things that you have to be aware of and take into your own hands whenever necessary. That is a fact whether you are dealing with commercial painters in Auckland or anywhere else.

Another thing that escapes the minds of most people is the fact that the easy way to do the job is not the same as the right way to get the job done. The thing is for you to be aware of these tips so that when you call a professional painting service, you will be in a much better position to make your demands in a precise manner and you will also make their job easier in the bargain. You can even employ a cleaning service for most of the tips mentioned below.

On that note, let’s take a good look at some of the most crucial tips that make the process of house painting easier:-

  • Try and paint your house the same colour: Doing this makes it much easier to lay down one uniform coat across the board. Even though you don’t initially realise it, by changing your exterior house colour, you have inadvertently created more work for yourself. With one coat, the old colour may still show through in the initial stages, but when you paint over it, the areas start to blend in seamlessly. Finally, if you really want to change your colour, make sure that the next colour is darker than the present one.
  • Get your house washed in a clean manner: This is a really important aspect. By all means, clean your house. But make sure that you don’t spend an unnecessary amount of time on it either. Once you hire the cleaning service, make sure that you convey to them that the most important things to watch out for are spider webs as well as soot and dust.
  • Be sure to prime only the problem areas: In this regard, the problem areas would primarily be dried wood filler and raw wood. Even for all of your bare spots, a quart of primer will be more than enough to do the trick.
  • Keep prep time to a minimum: If you’re not careful enough, your prep time will end up being equal to the amount of time spent painting itself. That is not the most desirable outcome for any homeowner out there. So be careful about how much time you spend.
  • Eliminating the need for washing brushes and covers: For this, buy relatively inexpensive roller covers so that you can dispose off the equipment once the painting session is done. Even cheap disposable nylon brushes are a good option for taking care of slight dabs and smears on the surface every now and then. Also, be sure to clean your really good brushes as regularly as possible.

Ultimately, you need to find out which of the tips work for your home in particular. Keeping this fact in mind is vital, as trying out all of the above tips could lead to more work than necessary as well as unforeseen circumstances. After all, unless you actually do your homework and find out first, there is just no telling which specific tips will work for your specific house. Keeping this fact in mind at all times is vital.


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