6 Cutting Edge Ideas that would make your Bedroom Impeccable!

Sleep is a wonderfully restorative idea that is more than often taken for granted. People tend to ignore sleep as a necessity; rather it is always compromised on. We prefer devoting our sleeping and resting time in fulfilling other unaccomplished work like finishing a project or assignment or any such important work. During other times we compromise on our sleep by resorting to watching Netflix, or any other shows or sitcoms or just while away the night looking into social media feeds.

When people were asked whether they would devote their extra time to sleep, more than 80% of them declined the offer. They would rather prefer dedicating their time to work, leisure, watching television or simply hanging out but not to sleep. Therefore, many of us suffer from various sleeping disorders and health issues that drain out most of our energy and strength.

Some sleep-hygiene practices:

Maintaining proper sleep hygiene is as important as all the other important issues in your daily routine. Here are some ways that can guide you in maintaining a healthy sleep-hygiene.

  • A comfortable bed: You will never be able to fall asleep properly if your mattress or pillow is either too soft or too firm or is very old. It is therefore advisable to invest in purchasing high-quality mattresses and pillows that suit your requirements.
  • A room devoid of technology: Do not use your mobile, laptop or simply watch TV while on the bed as this disrupts your entire sleep routine. Stays away from all devices while you try to fall asleep. Instead, read a book before going to sleep.
  • Fix a sleep routine – It is always necessary to fix a proper time for going to sleep that must be strictly followed on all days alike. It is considered better to sleep and wake up at the same fixed time whether or not you are going to work the next day.

Ideas that would make your bedroom impeccable:

To enjoy an uninterrupted and comfortable sleep, it is of utmost importance that your bedroom is exemplary and perfect. To ensure that, certain measures and ideas must be adopted and put to use so that you enjoy your perfect slumber and are far away from all kinds of sleeping disorders. Some of the facts that one must keep in mind is as follows:

  • Mattress dimension and size guide – Purchasing a proper mattress can sometimes be tricky and tedious. To prevent such a discomfort, one must be aware of the complete mattress dimension and size guide beforehand. A king sized mattress is suitable for couples who like to stretch out while they sleep and can also have their pet join them on the bed. A queen-sized bed, on the other hand, is handy for teenagers or children who like to sleep with their parents or a single person who loves to sleep with his/her dog. Generally speaking, this bed is apt for two people. Always take care that you buy the mattress of the correct size according to your comfort level to avoid any discomfort and to ensure a sound sleep.
  • Memory foam pillow – Pillows made of memory foam turn out to be much better and comfortable than the ones made of fibres or feathers. Nectar memory foam pillow has a pillow-in-pillow design that is both soft as well as supportive. They also help in customizing your pillows according to your needs. A good foam pillow makes sure that not only do you sleep peacefully but also wake up in the morning feeling relaxed.
  • Foam mattress – While on the lookout for a relaxing memory foam mattress, it becomes quite difficult to choose the best one from the wide range of options available. Therefore it is advisable to make a memory foam mattress comparison before zeroing in on anyone. The two best choices available are the ‘Nectar Memory Foam Mattress’ and the ‘Dreamcloud Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress’.

Nectar makes our time on bed worth the while as the foam mattress is pretty comfortable, bouncy and relaxing than other mattresses available in the market. This mattress comes with a Tencel cooling cover that helps air circulation, gel memory foam that helps in distributing our body weight evenly and adaptive hi-core memory foam that efficiently supports our body and therefore ensures that a person is able to sleep comfortably.

The hand-tufted Cashmere mixed cover provided by Dreamcloud ensures uninterrupted breathing and ultra softness necessary for a sound sleep. The Super Soft Quilted Memory Foam designed by Dreamcloud in their mattresses provides extra softness and relaxation makes you feel as if you are closer to the clouds. Their Super Natural hypoallergenic latex offers a cushioning jounce for the proper silhouette and posture and long-lasting deep sleep.

  • Mattress Protector – Along with your mattress and pillow it is also required to invest in the best waterproof mattress protector. The ‘Nectar Mattress Protector’ is an ideal choice for people looking for a suitable one. This waterproof mattress protector is designed accordingly to act as an invisible barrier between you and your mattress while protecting your mattress from spills, dirt as well as pets. The protector ensures that you enjoy an eased and comfortable sleep every night.
  • Adjustable Bed Frame – You can also opt to purchase an adjustable bed frame that can guarantee a luxurious bedroom experience and provide you with relaxation as well as comfort at the same time. The ‘Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame’ as well as the ‘Dreamcloud Adjustable Bed Frame’ is an ideal choice.
  • Bed Foundation – Apart from all these bedroom accessories, a strong, comfortable and durable bed foundation is also a must. It is necessary to purchase a long-lasting support for your mattresses that ensure uninterrupted, comfortable sleep.

All these bedroom ideas act as basic bedroom necessities if you aim to enjoy a good bedroom experience along with a relaxing and comfortable slumber.  


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