4 Health Benefits Of Sleeping On A Memory Foam Mattress

Are you planning to upgrade your mattress? You have to look for a memory foam mattress. Apart from its ultimate comfort, a memory foam mattress will do wonders for your health. Luckily, this mattress can even fit over your old mattress for unmatched comfort on your new sleep system. Here are 4 health benefits of sleeping on a memory foam mattress.

Pressure point relief

A memory foam mattresses were introduced in hospitals to offer cushion, protection,and comfort to patients in ICU and for wheelchair cushions. Patients usually lay in a single position for long and pressure from down ward pressure gravity and upward resistance of the bedding affect circulation. It damages soft tissues that get caught in the middle.

Memory foam mattresses prevent pressure sores and lessen pain in sensitive areas. When you sleep on a memory foam mattress, its material yields and adjust to match the shape of your body. It doesn’t force you to-contour into it. Memory foam mattress doesn’t push back or give you upward pressure while you sleep like spring beds.

Back support and spine alignment

When planning to buy mattress in UAE, memory foam is the best option. This is because the mattress will support all your body parts evenly and individually. Your body weight is distributed evenly across the mattress surface. A memory foam mattress will contour your body curves, support your lower back, and allow your spine to stay aligned in a neutral position.

Other mattress options such as spring mattresses have the body weight concentrated only on those areas that get into contact with the mattress. This usually puts much pressure on the heels, shoulders, and hips. For side and back sleeper, a non-foam mattress will not adequately support your lumbar area. This usually causes muscle tension and lower back pain for lack of critical support. Additionally, your upper body is placed at an unnatural position that might cause more pain and tension.

Relieves and prevents pain

With a combination of pressure point relief and support, a memory foam mattress will set the pace to relieve and prevent pain. When you sleep in a memory foam mattress, you won’t suffer from shoulder,hips, and back pain. Additionally, memory foam is beneficial when you have painful conditions such as fibromyalgia and arthritis.

A quality foam mattress supports proper alignment and contours the body. This ensures that there’s no added pressure on your body’s sensitive areas to give you an ultimate sleeping experience. Since sleeping on a memory foam mattress lessens pain, you will enjoy better sleep.

Hypoallergenic nature

Sleeping on a foam mattress is a wonderful idea when you suffer from allergies. The mattress is dense to repel dust mites and lessens chances of allergens such as pet dander and mold that might find their way into other types of mattresses. Memory foam is largely hypoallergenic especially when yousuffer from feather, wool or other fiber allergies. Ensure to buy a memory foam mattress woven with silver yarn. This prevents dust mites, bacteria, and bad odors to give you a great night’s sleep.

Quality sleep does wonders for your overall well being and health. Therefore,sleeping on a memory foam mattress with a significant impact on your health is a smart idea. Luckily, you can easily purchase a quality foam mattress in Dubai from a reliable supplier online.


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