3 Circumstances When To Rekey Your Locks

Entry doors to a home or office offer the first line of security. So, it’s essential to ensure high integrity of these locks. This is true especially in the festive season where burglaries are on the loose. The best way is to call a professional locksmith for a security audit. This might include aspects like lock rekeying to give your place a new line of security. Are you perplexed on when to call for professional assistance? Consider these 3 circumstances when to rekey your locks.

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Lock rekeying process

Rekeying a lock requires changing the tumbler combination inside the lock to allow using a new key. This is done by a professional locksmith not DIY task. The rekeying process makes the current lock to allow use of a new lock rendering the old key invalid. It means even when someone has a copy of the old key, they can’t access your home. Rekeying sounds tiring and difficult, right? Well, this is the easiest way to enhance the security of your home. Here’re some circumstances when to rekey the locks.

Moving to a new place

It’s a good idea to rekey the locks immediately on moving into a new house. This is the first thing to do once you move into the place. Negligence might expose your home to unauthorized entry by former occupants. These might keep a spare key or one might have circulated over time. It’s hard to tell who might have one since many people such as cleaners, family members, friends, and acquaintances might have had a spare key. This is a big threat to your home security.

Additionally, the property owner or real estate agent might also have a spare key. So, they can access your home anytime without your knowledge. Regardless of whether the landlord or real estate agent suggest it or not, ensure to call a professional locksmith in Norman OK to rekey all locks on the house. Rekeying those locks offers control over who can access your home. You’ll be sure that no one has a spare key since all the new keys will be in your possession.

Lost or missing keys

Losing your keys can happen unexpectedly and is quite common. Perhaps you lost your keys)at work or on your way from somewhere. In such circumstances, it might not be that simple to remember where you left the keys. The only solution at that moment would be to call a locksmith to rekey the locks immediately. This is cheaper than replacing all the locks. Additionally, it ensures that no stranger can gain access to your home after coming across your keys.

When an employee leaves

Employees can leave for various reasons. Perhaps you just fired them. People like the dog sitter or babysitter might be having a copy of your home key and might not surrender them when leaving. So, these might gain access to your home without your knowledge. It puts your valuables and family at risk. Rekeying the locks is the solution when someone who had a spare key stops working for you.

Bottom line

Lock rekeying offers peace of mind and enhanced security. You’ll have complete knowledge of the number of spare keys and who has one. The trick is to contact a reputable locksmith for lock rekeying to enjoy peace of mind this season.


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