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Do people still call restaurants to pick-up their meals? Are you the only one in your neighborhood driving back and forth for your food after getting all comfortable to spend the night with your significant other, friends, or family? Your neighbors know something you don’t know and it’s saving them a lot of time, gas and money. In 2019, where you can have people drop off your meals to you, why are you burdening yourself and your family? Delivery services have been here and it’s about time you catch up, stay put, and enjoy your company.

So, let’s take a look at the top food delivery apps out there today.

#1 – Waitr Food Delivery

Despite the dropping of the E, Waitr is an easy, expedient, and excellent application geared to placing its customers first. A user-friendly interface allows for anyone the ability to navigate. They deliver carryout, browse local restaurants, customize orders, track your food in real time, and are readily available to chat if needed. You can find this application on both the APP store and Google Play.

#2 – Seamless

How many applications provide menus and offer in-app discounts? Seamless provides you with over a thousand restaurant options as well as menus and waives delivery fees. With just a few clicks and offerings in more than 600 cities across the U.S., it’s no wonder there’s no app fee.

#3 – Grubhub

If you haven’t heard of Grubhub you’ve got to get from under that rock. Available in over 900 cities, Grubhub is listed as the #4 food and drink application in the App Store. With over 300,000 listed restaurants in the app, you’ll be sure to have many options to choose from.

#4 – Doordash

As the #1 rated food app in the Apple Store, accompanied by a 4.8, out of 5-star, rating, Door Dash steps the game up with their “Delight Score” system. The Delight system uses user reviews of food quality, restaurant popularity, timeliness, and overall satisfaction to provide sufficient recommendations for restaurants in the area. Extending to four Canadian cities Doordash is accessible in over 300 cities across the U.S.

#5 – Ubereats

Sitting behind Doordash at #2, Ubereats boasts a name accustomed to service.  With service in over 1000 cities across the globe, it’s changed the delivery service game. Whom do you call to get home safely at night? It would only make sense to use the same service to deliver your food safely, and timely, to your home.

#6 – Postmates

No, this isn’t a postal service, but the delivery service stands alone. When an order is placed, the food valet will receive an alert, hurry up to the restaurant, and have the food at your door as readily as possible. Sound familiar? In addition to food, Postmates also provides services for just about anything. Its available in more than 90 cities.

#7 – GoPuff &

Much like Postmates, Gopuff and offer other services beyond just food. Much like a convenience store, their service provides you with all your urgent needs – from toiletries to beverages. Gopuff charges $2 dollars for delivery, while only collects from your pre-tip subtotal.

#8 – Yelp Eat 24

Reviews, reviews, and more reviews. There isn’t a food application with as long of a review history as Yelp, therefore allowing a head start in food delivery service. With the largest availability, Yelp boasts a reach of over 1500 cities.

#9 – Go Eat!

With all these apps being in both the App Store and Google Play, there’s no reason to get up off our couch for dinner tonight. Find the app that best works for you and enjoy your next meal. You work hard, you deserve it!


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