What type of jewel are you according to your age

Okay kids, teenagers, young adults and adults; this blog is to acknowledge your age and determine jewellery that’s absolutely your type.

From your favourite diamond designs to pleasing gemstones and even trinkets for your little ones, we’ve got you covered. Now no more hassle in selecting your jewellery type. This blog will reveal what suits you best according to your age.

Here’s our curation of the most apt designs according to your age:

Let’s start with your little ones:

Kids these days have a knack for picking out their favourite outfits and are simply masters of their own life right from the beginning. Well, it’s time to introduce them to the right accessories for their age so that when they grow up they have the sensibility of selecting jewellery that goes with their age.

These cute gold earrings design in delightful bear earrings are simply the most obvious choice for your kids. They would simply look adorable in these. Here’s a link of other super charming kids jewellery for inking them with these souvenirs of love.

Now teenagers:

Teenagers usually experiment with jewellery at their delicate age. It’s mostly artificial and they just play around with different jewellery designs. Gift them a pair of diamond earrings and see them transform into assertive leaders of tomorrow.

Sure they will wear them on and off but on important occasions in their life, your gift of lovely diamond earrings will come handy. Here’s a link to our entire collection of diamond earrings.

Young adults:

Young adults are free spirited and still searching parts of themselves. At this age, they need jewellery they can always wear and keep them on as a momento of their growing up years.

All they need is a pristine floral ring in gold –diamond rings design that they can keep on wherever and however they wish to grow. It’s classy, subtle and yet looks dynamic just like your young adult relative, friend, sister or daughter.

They even need a pair of solid diamond earrings to keep on that goes with any and every occasion they wish to be a part of at that age.


Married with kids or single but at an age they have to distinguish their personalities from others in the crowd and look tall and proud. They need a dainty yet powerful diamond pendant with a thin platinum or gold chain along with diamond earrings and a diamond bracelet or a pair of diamond bangles to go with their already earned diamond rings.

Materialize this curation on yourself and we assure you, you will make a mark with your personality:

Take a virtual tour of our delectable jewellery designs now that you know what jewellery would suit you according to your age type and select from the choicest of collection and designs.

We, at Rockrush empower you with the most fascinating jewellery at your beck and call. Just select and get it delivered to your doorstep.


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