The Emergence of the Designer Kurtis

The kurtis can be called a women’s best friend. It can be worn anywhere. The kurtis can be conveniently modified to our liking. It can be stitched and designed as per your taste. These are some of the benefits of the kurtis. But the kurtis have been elevated from being a casual wear to a designer wear for women today. They are worn on grand parties too. This is because of the many designs fashioned by the experts of fashion. The kurtis are available in innumerable designs. Women are flocking to find the best kurtis design that will suit them. It doesn’t matter how stylish a kurti is, it must be perfected to make you look flawless. Therefore don’t only rely on comfort look fashionable with the amazing range of designer kurtis.

You can purchase the superior designer kurtis from the online showrooms which provide excellent service. So here are the different types of designer kurtis available in the online shops.

The Mind-boggling Designs

  • The kurti cut in the tail

The tail cut kurtis are longer at the back. They will look marvellous when worn because of its flowy design. They are similar to the asymmetrical type of kurtis. This kurtis are very suitable for young women and also middle-aged women can try this style. This style of kurtis are very fitting for women with body shapes like tall women, women who are petite in stature, hourglass, and pear and also triangle body shapes. This is a very suitable style and you can wear it for family parties and special occasions. So rock all the parties by wearing the tail cut kurti.

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  • High and low kurti

High and low kurtis has an off-the-cuff style. This is casual yet stylish; you can pair the kurti with sensible jeans or form-fitting leggings. All young and middle-aged women can wear this casual kurti for family parties that are unplanned. Without any ado, you can wear the kurti and look laid back and cool. This is what the style of the kurti will make you look. The kurti will not allow you to wither in heat at hot summers. You can feel cool because of this comfy wear.

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  • The kurti flared at the edges

The flared kurtis are a treat to the kurti lovers. They look striking anytime you wear them. They swing both the ways and make you look like a beautiful bird which is about to take flight. You will also feel like one when you wear it free and uninhibited. The hemlines are open at both sides of the kurti which make it bouncy and airy. This feature of the kurti makes it attractive and appealing to look at.

  •  The poncho style kurti

The all-consuming style of the poncho kurti makes it different from the usual kurti designs. This is a kurti that will make you look elegant and fits women of all body shapes. You can be at liberty while wearing it because the kurti is really comfortable to wear. This can be worn to college and you can wear this design of kurti casually for going shopping and to visit a friend. The kurti can be matched up with full-length leggings.

  • Slit kurti

You can wear this kurti to college or office. This kurti has a gorgeous slit at the front that will vastly elevate the style of the kurti. It will make you look sophisticated. The kurti can be worn with a palazzo that will finish the overall look. Petite women and women with an hourglass shape can wear this kurti which will enhance their slim figure. This kurti will add to your beauty and charm.

  •  Straight cut kurti

Pintuck details in a kurti can alter it into a completely different style than it was before. This detail looks good on a chanderi, cotton and handloom materials. There are many variants in this detailing itself so you can choose the style which will suit your body shape. Women with triangle body shape and pear shape will look good on it. You can wear it for college, office and other everyday occasions.

  • A shirt- like kurti

These kurti have become really popular now. Many women prefer this kurtis because they look formal as well as beautiful in this kurti. This kurtis can be worn for college and office. The shirt-like kurti can be paired up with jeggings and treggings that will boost the style of the overall look.

  •  The Angrakha kurti

This type of kurti was worn by musicians and then the style became famous and now it is an everyday wear kurti. This designer kurti is fashioned in a way where most of the kurti fabric sweeps on the other side. You can add pom poms or strings to deck up the kurti. This is a designer kurti with an ethnic twist to it. You can wear this designer kurtis for some special occasions because they look really good. You can pull it off with a palazzo or a legging and finish the look.

  • The denim kurti

The denim kurti is a very stunning type of a designer kurti. They are fashionable and stylish. They can be worn for the college daily because it is very suitable for young girls to flaunt. You can wear this stylish kurtis with thin sleeves to look trendy. Wear it with leggings, jeggings and jeans to pep up the look.

  •  The printed kurti

As the name suggests the printed kurti is styled with a most marvellous design. Be it kalamkari or other forms of artistic and traditional designs the kurti can be called a masterpiece. You can wear the printed kurtis to all places and occasions. The subtle designs can be worn for informal parties and the rich and lavish designs can be worn for formal parties and rich occasions.

These are the remarkable designs in the range of designer kurtis. Wear them and be your kind of beautiful that pleases you and the spectators!


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