Ditch the monotonous bridal lehenga drape with these fabulous options

The mandap is ready, the arrangements are all set, the groom is getting dressed up for the big day, and now it’s time to focus on your bridal wear. You have chosen your lehenga, your jewellery, your Mehendi looks ravishing and your makeup is on point, but if your drape is not right, well then let’s just say, you wouldn’t want to see your wedding pictures ever. Yes, it gets that devastating! Want to prevent such a blunder? Be the star of the night with these gorgeous drape styles which are magical to look at.

Diagonal style

To keep it simple yet classy, diagonal style draping is the way to go for you. Tuck one end of the dupatta on one side at the back and bring it in the front and over the shoulder in the same direction with a diagonal fall. It’s elegant and effortless to carry which makes it one of the most popular bridal drape styles.

Saree style

If you want your lehenga to multi-function for you, then saree drape is the way to go. This drape is widely opted by brides to look even slimmer, and it looks absolutely gorgeous. You can carry the look in two ways. Either you can put pleats in the drape for the perfect saree look, or you can tuck it like a saree and leave it on the shoulder with a free flow in the front. Since saree is one of the most famous Indian girls dresses in Australia, it would be the perfect drape for an Australian Indian wedding.

Double dupatta

One of the most popular Indian bridal trends at the moment, double dupatta gives you the look of a regal queen or a goddess depending on your jewellery. You can drape the first dupatta in the front any way you want ( diagonal or free flow being our favourite looks) and the second dupatta is just pinned on your head and allowed to flow like a net cape at the back. This look is ethereal, gorgeous, classy, regal and what not which makes it the perfect pick for you.

Front flow style

All you need to do for this style draping is to tuck the dupatta on both the shoulders while making a big U in the front and let the accumulated part of the dupatta (making a U) flow. Either you can use the same dupatta to cover your head, or you can go for a double dupatta look.

The casual style

This is quite simple to drape, and when worn in royal and dark shades like royal blue and deep red with heavy embroidery and jewellery, this style gives you the look of nothing less than a queen. Tuck dupatta on your left side at the back and place the other end (pleated) on your right shoulder while making a big U at the back. For your head covering, we would suggest you to opt for a different dupatta instead of the same one to avoid the monotonous look.

The front U style

Well, it’s just like the casual look, just in the front. Tuck one end of the dupatta at the back of your right side and throw the other end casually on your left shoulder while making a big U in the front. This is perfect for the brides who are quite slim and, the double dupatta is suggested for this look as well.

Being a bride can be really difficult because there is too much to handle and while lehenga is one of the most popular Indian girls dresses in Australia, you might be tempted to go for it for your wedding. Go over the whole guide again to find your perfect drape and let the jaws drop!


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Written by CaitlynBell