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Chloe is giving Lucifer yet another clue. She wants him. She still loves him. She needs her fix of Lucifer like no one’s mystery to solve.

She  loved pretending to be his wife. I especially loved the fact that she got super jealous, or how they say in Mexico, celosisima, when Lucifer and Lt. Marcus Pierce kissed.

Yes, they kissed. If you are behind on the latest episode,  you should watch. You have about 3 weeks to catch up. The show is yet, on another hiatus, due to the winter Olympics, but will return on February 26th.

The last episode is currently being written by Joe Henderson, as he tweeted himself, just yesterday. He is hinting that it will be the best episode of the series yet, and that there will be plenty of emotions to go around.

Will Chloe finally know for sure who Lucifer really is? Will he in fact rescue her from a fall, as the rumors have said? Is this how Chloe will find out once and for all who this mysterious man is?

We know perfectly well that Lucifer is willing to do anything to save Chloe’s life, to keep her safe, to spare her from any kind of danger.

He went to hell and back at least twice for her. He came back for her. He always did. He had to. He was compelled to return to this life in order to be with her. Lucifer knew. He knew that he had to be with her.

It was his mission to save his angel, but by the end of Season 3, will he still believe that it was all his Father’s doing? Will it even matter to him anymore? Will Lucifer finally open his eyes, to everything that he has failed to see? Will he finally understand the will of his Father?

Will Lucifer, in the end, believe in the power of love? Does Chloe know that Lucifer is good enough for her? Will she know, deep down, that he is the one whom she just can’t live without?

Will we find the two kissing, once more, in the last few minutes of Season 3? They have already kissed at the beach, and almost kissed at Lucifer’s condo, above Lux. Will they kiss in mid air, as Lucifer swoops in, and flies as fast as he can to save Chloe from falling?

If Chloe see’s Lucifer’s wings, will this mark the end of Season 3? Will it all just be another dream for Chloe?  A cliffhanger that will arrive all to soon for us Lucifans.  One we can’t avoid.

But that is the nature of love. It finds us, whether we are ready or not.  It swoops in, at the most inconvenient time–or maybe just at the right time; to set our life right, to open our hearts.  We all have a lock.  We all hold the key.

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Written by Maria Ayala

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