Five Amazing Games to Entertain Your Houseguests

Are you planning to have houseguests over during the upcoming holidays? If yes, it becomes your responsibility to see if they are comfortable and having a good time altogether. Apart from indulging in interesting conversations and serving delicious food items as well as beverages, in this write-up, I have chalked down a few excellent games through which you can keep them thoroughly entertained.

  • Monopoly is an extremely popular family game that revolves around purchasing real-estate properties, refurbishing them, and demanding a large sum of money when another player lands on your area. There are numerous options starting from traditional board to pop culture or movie themed that you can choose from in the market.
  • Apples to Apples could be loosely defined as a card game that has managed to acquire widespread recognition all across the globe. First a card would be chosen by a judge and then other players would pick and show their own. The player whose card is similar to the judge’s wins the round. It is exceptionally fun and even the kids could join in.
  • Mario Kart is racing game enjoyed by people belonging to varied age groups. Simple controls, excellent graphics, and fierce competition are enough to keep you on your toes. The speed and tracks are customizable or in other words could be easily tailored to meet individual requirements and expectations.
  • Taboo consists of a pile of cards, buzzer, and timer. It could be played by many players and on a team basis. You pick a card and try to describe the word written on it without using the terms specified. This particular game can enhance your vocabulary along with knowledge to a great extent.
  • Zombie dice is a well-known game, whose many editions are at present readily available in the market. Here one set of players represent zombies and others survivors as well as their shotguns. Now the former would try to eat brains of the latter buy rolling dice and the latter need to escape. Being fairly simple, your houseguests would surely enjoy it.

Now while there are plenty other games, the ones specified above would impress and entertain your houseguests the most.

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Written by Tom Clark

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