EMINA Episode 8 – Anime Web Series

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Alex and Harris hurry to stop a shipment of powerful microscopic robots from reaching the Cube leaders, a substance that adds to their strength. All that stands in the way of completing their mission is a small army of Enforcers and their leader, the deadly Lady Celeste.

EMINA – Created at

Written, Directed, and Animated by Alexander Trapp

Music Score created by Melvyn Kalili

It’s A Trapp Productions logo created by Eric Didier



Lady Celeste voiced by Sayaka Mashiro

O’Laran voiced by Kaden Ptasznik



Enforcer voiced by Denom Rs


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Written by Alexander Trapp

Welcome! My name is Alexander Trapp. I'm a guy who can't draw on paper but loves to make cartoons! I have a crew of talented people who help me out in big ways, and together we are It's A Trapp! Productions. We make entertainment for people of all ages to enjoy. So grab your friends, family, and loved ones and let's go on a journey! The current animated web shows on this channel are: Emina (pronounced eh-me-nah). An original sci-fi anime set in the midst of a civil uprising on a planet populated by Androids. Throw in a lone human who has appeared by mysterious means and the action heats up immensely! Space Opera. A sci-fi satire that spoofs the starship sub-genre by forcing a competent crew to serve under a cowardly Captain in the middle of galactic war between organics and the evil Synthetic Empire. The Adventures of Ninja Steve. A superhero comedy about a squeaky voiced Ninja with a heart of gold performing heroics acts and sometimes eating burritos.

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