Colton Underwood’s Week 7 Spoilers for Hannah B.

Next week on “The Bachelor” 2019 something is going to happen with Hannah B. The preview makes it look like she is sticking around for a while and will be getting a hometown date. It turns out that isn’t true at all, though.

Reality Steve shared that she will get a one on one date this week with Colton Underwood. Once this happens, she gets to meet his parents because they are in Denver. It doesn’t seem to go well, though. Instead, she gets sent home.

Now that isn’t the end of Hannah B. She will return again later on and try to get Colton to take her back. The thing is that it doesn’t work for her at all. Instead, she will be sent home once again. Maybe it will end up winning her a place on “Bachelor in Paradise” though.

New episodes air every Monday night on ABC. Colton has about a month of his journey left to go.


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Written by Mandy Robinson