66 “Faded” soulDecision featuring Thrust


This is another one where it was tough to find a version that was suitable. This will give you the basic idea and if you want to search further you can find the album version. Some actual songs by SoulDescision that you may want to check out are

1. Hypnotize

2. Kiss the Walls

3. Light it Up

4. Ain’t No Way to Make a Living

5. It Must Be You

6. Shady Satin Drug

7. Sucky Love Song

8. Cadillac Dress

9. So Strong

10. It Must Be You

Past members of the group are

  • Trevor Guthrie
  • David Bowman
  • Ken Lewko
  • James Reid
  • Stephen McGrath
  • Adam Stillman

It was a Canadian based band.


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Written by Toshia Goldammer