Value Based Education

Education is the ultimate power that can conquer this world and rectify its wicked ways. It has the might to demolish the works born out of the malicious minds of the anti-social elements of this world. When a person has enlightened his candle, with the torch of education and knowledge, he becomes no less than a superhero. But today’s education system is more of rote learning and is devoid of educating and taming the wild and berserk thinking of the soul. Spirituality in today’s education is not given any importance. Subjects like Mathematics, Social Sciences are given paramount importance, which is not the pure and true form of education. Subjects at spiritual level are subdued. This has lead to the young generation acquiring traits like arrogance, lewd thinking and aggression rather than ethereal traits such as modesty, sincerity, honesty, politeness and decency. This phenomenon has led to the alarming increase in crime rates and other inhuman activities. The only way to counter this situation is to start instilling values and life skills among the people especially the young generation, so that we lead a safe life and carve a better future for ourselves. Spiritual and moral education has become the need of the hour.


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