Time is Gold

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I have been listening to music I used to listen to in the ’90’s.  I recently found a Paulina Rubio song, from her, “El Tiempo Es Oro” (Time is Gold) album.  The song is called, “No me Obligues.” (Don’t Make Me)

That song was pivotal for me, when I realized my first love, was not going to work out.  That whole album helped me get over her, but it was just the beginning.  It took me five years before I was actually over her.

When I heard the song however, I didn’t have any feelings, just the memory.  I didn’t know that 20 years later, all that pain, would be ancient history.

Sometimes you must travel through unknown places, scary places, in order to get to the other side, the promised land.  A place where you will be happy, where you will know who you are, and attract the same.

It took me so long just to get over  her.  I also listened to her Planeta Paulina album.  I listened to those songs every day, back in 1998.  One of my favorite songs on that album is, “Miel Y Sal”, (Salt and Honey).

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It really defines who I am.  Back then I didn’t know who I was.  Looking back I have so many regrets.

Recently I got a fortune cookie that read:  “Finding yourself is a worthwhile pursuit.”

I wanted to cry; not because the egg rolls were a little burned, but because It fit me so perfectly.  It was everything I had been thinking about all week.  It might take you some time.  But when you have that great, big epiphany, it will be on your own time, not any one else’s.



What do you think?

Written by Maria Ayala