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On Being A Poet

Some people ask me, but aren’t you a poet?

I thought you read poetry? I have some sad news. I am no longer a poet.

I belong to a group called poets anonymous.

You’re not supposed to read, or write, or go anywhere near a mic.

But I didn’t stop reading entirely! Sometimes I delve. Dabble.

I can’t quit just like that!

I love writing poetry: The rush of the stage, the reactions from the audience…

The lifestyle, though a poor one, is incredibly alluring.

Truth be told, the mic came after me!

As a little girl, I would stand on the coffee table, holding a comb, and dance around. I wasn’t old enough to talk, (in any understandable language, Spanish, or English), but soon, the words, just took control!

My mom says I wouldn’t stop talking.

But that was only the beginning. Be careful. It’s a world of words out there!!

What do you think?

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Written by Maria Ayala

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