15 Strange Words You Didn’t Know They Existed

You are a native speaker and must think you speak English very well ? I thought the same way too, until today. Guess there are so many words out there that describe really common things, but most of us are not aware of. How many of these fifteen strange words do you know ?

  • Nibling : a niece or nephew
  • Oniochalasia : shopping as a form of stress relief or relaxation
  • Ailurophile : a cat lover
  • Philtrum : the vertical indentation between the upper lip and the nose.
  • Lackadaisical : lacking life, spirit, or zest
  • Interfenestration : the space between two windows
  • Interrobang : an exclamation mark often represented by ?! or !?
  • Hullabaloo : loud noise made by people who are angry or annoyed
  • Sciapodous : having a large feet
  • Griffonage : illegible or careless handwriting
  • Defenestrate : throwing someone or something out of the window
  • Finifugal : hating or avoiding the ending, as of a story, relationship or trip
  • Balter : to dance artlessly, without particular skill but usually with enjoyment
  • Gobbledygook: a language that is nonsense
  • Pogonotrophy : beard growing


What do you think?


Written by houda

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