Creating Reality

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We need to stop asking ourselves, all these dumb questions, like why is our hair curly?  Why am I tall?  Why am I short, and skinny?  We are the way we are.  We just need to remember to accept ourselves.  Another big thing we need to accept is our dreams, our visions of life.  We need to start thinking about the kind of life we want instead of just settling for the life that seems to be realistic.

When we look up to someone, we have to ask ourselves why?  Why do we admire them so?  It is those traits that we see in our hero, that we have in ourselves, we just can’t see it all the time.  If we admire a creative person, then this is a call to us, to be more creative.

Hero’s help us by inspiring us to be better.  They inspire us to do better, and to aim for attainable goals.  The challenge will always be to rise up to meet it.  That’s what it’s for.  We shouldn’t quit just because we don’t know what the next step will be.  Other people, just envy whoever has something nicer, or bigger.  They don’t look inward.  They waste their energy on being jealous, petty, and envious.

Life is a dance.  It is a delicate balance.  We need to learn to dance by keeping up with the pace, the timing, the rhythm of life.  Sometimes that means we need to slow down in order to catch up with how fast things are moving.  Slowing down helps us realize what is truly important.  Peace of mind will make our vision clear.  In this silence you will be able to hear the beat of your own heart.  In this knowing, you will be able to find your way.


What do you think?


Written by Maria Ayala

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