A Tale Of Depression (Part 2)

You have no motivations

You are always in isolation

Your mind is like a ceiling fan with a damaged switch

You have no control and you fear one day it will unhitch

You’re are in complete bondage

You are a hostage

You smile more in front of people ’cause your tormentor likes to stay concealed

You develop an affinity for jokes to make sure they are convinced

But then you weep for hours on end when you’re alone

Suicide is the only way you see out of this black hole

You want to scream for help but nobody would understand

And if she found your lifeless body would your mother understand?

There’s no hope, no ambition

You don’t wanna have conversations

Sometimes your torturer goes away for a while

Your leg is out the mouth of the crocodile

The air is fresher

Colors are brighter

But you can’t help but wonder

When next it comes back to cumber

Can you fight on or just give in?

’cause whether it’s coming back is a given

And last time, you came real close to concession

Is the next time when you become another that was lost to depression?


What do you think?


Written by iam_elchoko

they say follow your heart..!! too bad I don't have one....

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