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Unimaginable Dance Despite of their Blindness

Some girls in this snap are completely blind and some are half blind but they never left to face the challenge.Yes,I should not call them blind as it is illegal in my country. A new name refurbished for them is termed as ‘DIVYAANG’ which means GIFT OF THE ALMIGHTY and capable..

And really they are capable that they proved after their mind blowing dance with full of confidence. This initiative is also known as SAKSHAM which is organized every year by a civil society known as DESH VIKASH. As the Vice President I am also an integral part of it. It is organized every year among all the Blind students of our District known as Balasore in Odisha. They come to us and we treat and serve them as much as we can. Desh Vikash arrange various competition for them and it continues till 3-4 days as per our resources.

But sorry to all as I have only pic of their dance. It makes me crying every year. But I await it eagerly every year. After looking their steps of dances along with the music perfectly you may also cry. Really they are DIVYANG, gift to us from the heaven of the Almighty..  

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Written by Anjan Kumar Samal

National Secretary-THE LAST HOPE(REGD.)

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