Celebrate Wedding Anniversary with Wine + Chocolate Combination

Are you planning something different for your anniversary? Then celebrate your wedding anniversary with an amazing combination of wine and chocolate. Yes, the combination of chocolate and wine is unbeatable or you can say that chocolate is the confectionery matched to wine because the process of making chocolate and wine is almost similar. Most of the people are the lovers of chocolate and wine. People look for the best pairing option of wine and chocolate. So, here are some pairings of wine and chocolates that will make your day memorable.

1. White Chocolate + Rose Port Wine

White Chocolate + Rose Port Wine

The white chocolate doesn’t have cocoa, just cocoa fat. The small amount fat makes it one of the most ideal options for pairing with wines. You can use the combination of white chocolate with different kind of wines like Rose Port, Muscat, Ice Wine, Vintage Port and more. But the combination of white chocolate and rose port wine is impeccable. It tastes like nuances of strawberries. If you like this taste, then you must have to try this perfect combination on your special day.

2. Milk Chocolate + Aged Vintage Port Wine 

Milk Chocolate + Aged Vintage Port Wine

Dark chocolate lovers like to have milk chocolates. Do you know the milk chocolate is the combination of half cream and chocolates, the cream adds a little extra fat that will work better with the dark chocolates? You can use different wines like PX Sherry, Moscatel de Setubal, Aged Vintages Port and more. If you want the best experience, then you must have to try the milk chocolate along with aged vintage port wine.

3. Caramel Chocolate + Cream Sherry Wine 

Caramel Chocolate + Cream Sherry Wine

Some people like the caramel chocolates because caramel adds sweet salinity to chocolate. It is the perfect combination of sweet, bitter, salty and fat. If you want to add a wonderful experience on your wedding anniversary day, then try the combination of caramel chocolate with cream sherry wine. Caramel chocolates are easily available. You can shop it online or send it as a gift to make your loved one day memorable for a long time.

4. Dark Chocolate + Late Harvest Zinfandel Wine

Dark Chocolate + Late Harvest Zinfandel Wine

There are many benefits of having the dark chocolates. There are many people who love to eat dark chocolates. If you or your partner is crazy for dark chocolates, then you can try the combination of dark chocolates along with the late harvest zinfandel wine. It will give you a really amazing experience and make your moment memorable. Try this unique combination on your special day with your partner. It is definitely, you both will love this and enjoy the moment of togetherness in a special way.

5. Chili Chocolate + Rioja Wine

Chili Chocolate + Rioja Wine

Do you want to try something new and good? If yes, then you must have to try the match of chili chocolate to a young rich Rioja. It is also known as “new wave”. Just think about this amazing match. Imagine the taste of chili chocolate which will work with spicy nuance in the Rioja. You will never forget the taste of this amazing flavor. If you want to give a surprise to your partner then you can choose the online wine delivery option.

6. Orange Chocolate + Dessert Wine

Orange Chocolate + Dessert Wine

Many of us are orange chocolate lovers. We love to have the orange chocolates. On this wedding anniversary, choose a late harvested dessert wine. You can match the dessert wine with orange chocolates to create a fruity medley. It is a great combination for a couple, and everyone will love this fruity medley taste. If you want to make someone’s day extra special, then you can send chocolates for him or her online. It will make a person’s day more exciting and special.

Now what are you waiting for? Celebrate your wedding anniversary with exclusive wine and chocolate combination. You can choose any of them to make your day extra special. Apart from this combination, you can also look for some other ideas of celebrating the anniversary.

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