Best Christmas 2018 Gift Ideas To Consider

How does that Chipmunks song go? Christmas, Christmas time is near, Time for toys and time for cheer. Christmas is just around the corner and people all over the world are gearing up for Christmas shopping. Businesses are marketing their products in the spirit of the season as well. Frontier TV packages are offering Christmas gift cards. Walmart is giving Christmas discounts. With just a few weeks left, it’s about time you got down to shopping as well.

Best Gift Ideas For Christmas 2018

Christmas is a time to appreciate the people in your life. The price tag that comes with a gift should be the least important concern. The intention behind the sharing of gifts is what should be appreciated. That’s what the Christmas spirit is all about. Bah, humbug you say? These gift ideas will change your mind:

  1. Family Memory Jar for parents
  2. Thinking Putty for kids
  3. Me Without You hardcover for girlfriend/wife
  4. The Beer Bible for boyfriend/husband
  5. Instant Digital Camera for sister
  6. Bluetooth Turntable for brother

Here’s how these gifts can contribute to a fun-filled, cheery Christmas this year.

1. Family Memory Jar For Parents

Parents are perhaps the only people in the world who love us unconditionally. They are our strongest link to our past and who we are. So it is only natural to want to buy them something as special as they are. But do you really want to buy them the latest gadgets and electronics that they probably won’t use? What about a gift that really brings them happiness? The Family Memory Jar is a different direction to go in this year. It is a great keepsake that will keep bringing joy to your parents every time they open it. It comes with 180 memory tickets you can use to jot down all your favorite memories and wishes. Revisit the beauty and simplicity of your childhood. Remind yourself of your parents’ love and remind them of your love for them. Your family memories will never be forgotten.

2. Thinking Putty For Kids

Are you a parent with a bunch of beautiful children? A beloved aunt? A cool uncle? A doting grandparent? Find yourself short of ideas for Christmas gifts for the kids? Why not get them a toy that is fun, instructional and unusual at the same time? Check out Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty. It comes in different colors and textures from molten lava to copper gold. Its good for all ages and keeps you involved for hours. The best word to describe this gift is Trippy. Shimmering colors shift before your eyes as you play with it. The kids will definitely think you are the coolest if you get them Thinking Putty for Christmas.

3. Me Without You Hardcover For Girlfriend/Wife

Do you want to express your love for that special woman in your life? Men tend to have trouble expressing their emotions. Especially the more complex ones like love. Many loving husbands and boyfriends find themselves unable to put their feelings for their significant others in words. I Without You has illustrated snapshots of love in everyday situations. Authors Ralph Lazar and Lisa Swerling have done a great job of putting love into a series of cute illustrations. Each page depicts a situation which would be incomplete without the other person. A truly heartwarming expression of love. A hardcover copy of Me Without You is going to last you both a lifetime.

4. The Beer Bible For Boyfriend/Husband

Beer Bible For Boyfriend

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Ladies, men like you a lot. Men also like beer almost as much. Wouldn’t it be great if your significant other could get both at once? What if I told you a book is all you need? Bah humbug, a book? Not just any book but one that is guaranteed to catch your man’s attention. The Beer Bible is just what it says it is. It is an authoritative, comprehensive encyclopedia for beer lovers everywhere. From craft beer to stout to the finest Belgian beer, this book has it all. Jeff Alworth, a beer expert from the West Coast is the author behind this brilliant piece of work. There’s just no better Christmas gift for your husband or boyfriend this year. The Beer Bible will keep him entertained till next Christmas.

5. Instant Digital Camera For Sister

If your sister is something like mine, she probably loves taking pictures. Pictures of herself, of others, of scenery, of just about everything. Digital electronics let us store these pictures on our phones and laptops, but there are usually no hard copies. This means you could lose a lot of memories if your device’s hard drive malfunctions. It doesn’t normally happen, but then again, it happens often enough. So here’s the perfect gift for your photo-enthusiastic sister. The Polaroid Instant Digital Camera. It works just like the Polaroids of our childhood. Just point, snap and print vibrant, detailed images in seconds. It uses ZINK printing technology to print gorgeous images on 2X3 inch paper. There is no ink or toner in this camera. All you need is ZINK paper and your inner photographer. Tell your sister to do a few practice shots of the family on Christmas Day to get started.

6. Bluetooth Turntable for brother

It’s a good time to be a retro-hipster. Even better to be one with a good taste in music. Vinyl may seem impracticable, but people swear by the sound and feel of classic records. So if your brother is either a retro-freak or a music lover or both, this gift is perfect. Get him a reimagined Bluetooth turntable with wireless speakers. Urban Outfitters has a decent selection of retro tech. You can also find vinyl of modern music if your brother isn’t so much into classic rock, pop or blues.

Everything is in full swing for Christmas. The Frontier internet packages are swimming in reindeer and snow. The streets are coming alive with fairy lights and baubles. The air is alive with sounds and smells that bring back fond memories. This Christmas, think outside the box with this list. Your loved ones will appreciate the effort and thoughtfulness behind these gifts. Have a very Merry Christmas!


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