5+ Birthday Gifts Ideas that set up Romance around Her

Everyone is excited for their birthday and more excited for the gifts they will receive on their birthdays. Gifts express our love to the recipient. It is not about the monetary value if the gift, but the effort which has gone in buying the gift. The likes and dislikes of the birthday boy/girl are too considered in choosing their gift. We are here with beautiful romantic gifts that would make your better half’s day. So if you are searching a gift for your wife or girlfriend you are at the right place. Below we have some amazing birthday gifts that would give her romantic vibes.

Romantic Personalized Birthday Cake

Without a cake a birthday celebration is not complete. Everyone has a picture perfect of a cake in their minds. So you can get that out from that head and gift them their dream cake. You can get a customized cake of their choice. It could be anything like their photo printed on the cake, a unicorn cake, a princess cake, a multi tier cake and so on. The cake can be according to the theme if it is a theme party. You can get a gluten free birthday cake delivery too for your calorie conscious girlfriend.

Chocolate Gift Basket with Scented Candles

Chocolates are girl’s best friend. A chocolate bar can make girls mood jolly. So if you are confused what will you treat your beloved with this birthday, we have an option it is chocolate gift basket. This Chocolate Gift Basket contains chocolate bars, candies, cupcakes, handmade assorted chocolates and different variety of chocolates. This Chocolate gift basket can be paired with scented candles. This candle increases the ambiance of the room and its aromatic fragrance can do wonders.

Customized Jewelry

We all know women have a very strong attachment with jewelry and gemstones. You can gift a piece of jewelry she is longing to have from a long time. It could be anything like a customized ring, necklace or a pair of earrings. If you want to gift a ring it could be of solitaire and a necklace can be made with glazed roses and its petals with leaves. The design like this would be admired by your girlfriend. If she not into jewelry you can gift a classic watch as that comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. A customized couple bracelet or locket is also a good idea.

Sound Wave Art

This is one of the most unique gifts you can gift someone. If you guys are still not hitched you can give her something so that it reminds of you 24/7. You can record your voice saying a meaning message or expressing your love or even singing a romantic song. Then you can go to a gift shop or an online shop where they would print your voice waves and frame it. This is one of the most thought gifts we can ever gift to our loved ones. This can be printed on a canvas or also jewelry can be made out of it like a locket or a hand bracelet. This is so romantic as it would hang on your wall for years or worn by your beloved forever.

Relaxing Bath Basket

If she works very hard and hardly finds time to pamper her. Get her a Spa kit or a Bath Basket that would rejuvenate her body. This basket could contain bubble bath, bath bombs, bath salts, lotion, shower gels, scented candles and her favorite fragrance. Though she doesn’t take time out for her visiting saloon but these products would help her relax while taking baths daily. You can customize this basket yourself and buy products from different stores. Also you can find these basket birthday gifts online. I bet anything would be more romantic than these scented candles and fragrances.

Flower Bouquet with Eternity Rose

Flower Bouquet makes the classiest gift for your girlfriend. But the sad thing is it will wither away in few days. So you can pair this rose bouquet with eternity rose, this rose is glazed in gold, silver or platinum and would last forever. This gift would be remembered by her till eternity as it would never die.

Nowadays there are combos of gifts available and also the gift baskets that contain so many items making a set. We are sure these gifts would make your beloved sentimental and turn up the romance.


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Written by Lauren Johnson

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