5 Amazing Ways to Rejoice your Birthdays at College

I have always been a family girl so I know how difficult it is to stay miles away from the family and celebrating different happiness of life away from them. One such event is our birthdays, every time a college student wouldn’t get holidays to visit home, so without any option we would have to celebrate our birthday which is the most special day with the college friends away from our family. But it is not really difficult because you have been living with your friends for years now and they are not less than a family to you. So don’t get disheartened and celebrate your birthday with friends. Here you even have an added benefit which is you can do anything and everything without your parents restrictions.

Thus we have more amazing ways to rejoice your birthday here at college.

1. Cake Cutting in Class

Ever imagined cutting the cake in classroom! No this dream can come true, your friends can take permission of your class teacher or principal and request them that as you are away from home on your birthday you are to sad, so can they surprise you for celebrating your birthday in front of the hole class. If your teachers are empathetic they would understand your feelings and let your friends bring cake in the classroom. This would be a very memorable birthday because there would hardly anyone in your whole family who would have celebrated their birthday in college classroom.

2. Decorate Canteen and Celebrate Birthday

If the teachers do not give permission to celebrate your birthday in class, don’t get sad we also have an other option. You can get the canteen area or canteen itself decorated with birthday party banners, blow balloonsand lay them on the floor. You can order a cake and arrange for some snacks for your friends. You can get a special menu for your birthday and enjoy your special day at the canteen. You can make birthday gift delivery who too is away from his family for his birthday.

3. Take permission from Principal and Arrange Evening Party

You can take prior permission from the principal of the college and organise your birthday in your college building in a hall where your prom night is organised. If you are lucky enough to get permission from your college you are going to have an unforgettable evening. For this you can even ask your parents to write a permission letter to the college authorities. You can hire a DJ, a caterer and an event planner to organise your birthday party. You can also ask photography enthusiast college mate to click wonderful moments of  the party.

4. Make New Traditions

You can make a new tradition of donating blood, celebrating your birthday in an orphanage, giving gifts to under privileged, helping those in need or visiting an old age home and filling void of family. Make sure you do this for all the following birthdays too. These type of celebrations will give you a different type of satisfaction and happiness. And you will receive many blessing from them. By this you will become a good and responsible citizen of a country too.

5. Midnight Celebration at Home

Wait till the clock struck 12:00 so that it is your birthday and have loads of fun. You can go shopping and buy various snacks, order pizza and arrange a movie night. You can also make a playlist of your favourite party songs and groove on its beats for the whole night. And if this would be the plan I am sure your friends will decorate the room and surprise you with a cake. You can arrange for drinks and spend one of the best birthday night. Send birthday cake to your family members for their birthday with a note saying how much you miss them.

We wish that we are of help to you in spending your special day beautifully with your second family being away from first family.

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