10 Trending Wedding Theme Ideas For 2019

Just one idea should be carried throughout your whole wedding ceremony. Do you think this sounds boring? Actually the opposite. Here we can draw an analogy with clothes: you cannot make an outfit look elegant by trying to combine different styles and colors.

Weddings allow you to consider a huge number of ideas. You could use a geometrical arch for the ceremony, have many different kinds of magnificent bridal bouquets and various shades or color schemes. Of course, it’s difficult to choose one thing, but a wedding will look harmonious and stylish only when each element complements the rest. Here are some of 2019 wedding trends to follow.

A Unified Palette in Photos

A few years ago, wedding photography could be conditionally divided into two styles: a straightforward report and fine art; but now the picture has changed. Fine art photographers and reportage photography experts do family shots in a very gentle and thoughtful manner. A good photographer, regardless of the style they work in, is able to convey the mood of the wedding and save precious moments. In order to stay within one theme, all photos should follow one planned out style.

A couple chooses a photographer according to their character, and nowadays people are very conscious and attentive with their choice. The point is not only that the couple should be comfortable with the person, but also how he or she will shoot on the wedding day and what they will pay attention to. Therefore, couples no longer just study a Dominican Republic photographer website, but instead watch an entire series of photos and take note. After all, photos and videos are your invaluable memories of this day. You can choose what will stay in your albums before they’re even taken.

Geometric Patterns in the Decor

One of the simple wedding themes is the use of geometric patterns. Diamonds, circles, squares and more are used to decorate tablecloths, napkins, vases, invitations. Following this trend, the bride can choose a wedding dress with a complex geometric design: including original inserts, pleats and necklines.

Eco Style

A wedding is a day when you want everything to bloom. After all, you are celebrating the creation of a family! Flowers become not just an element of decor, but the main accent that shows a new life is just about to start. The theme of botany is in the list of top wedding themes, so there will be a lot of greens at summer and spring weddings – and that’s great! Let all the flowers bloom!

Interior design, dresses, and food should also follow the eco style. Use fresh flowers as the decor, airy floral arches, an abundance of white and simple lines, transparent and concise details and other similar accessories.


Cold shades and colors, the absence of unnecessary decorative elements, a perfectly smooth bride’s dress would be appropriate if the couple likes elegant and stylish minimalism. The combination of marble and rose gold look very dignified in this wedding theme.

Wedding minimalism requires the use of few colors in the decor, choosing more simple shades, concise forms, and lines as opposed to many colors. To create such a concept, it is necessary to have not only a sense of taste but also a sense of proportion.


The metal decor creates necessary accents and adds depth to minimalistic decorations that don’t quite stand out yet. This season, metal is most often found in combination with the geometry trend and is one of the most simple wedding theme ideas.

Space Theme

Planets and stars is a new trend in wedding fashion and this is one of the really fun wedding themes. With such a theme you can definitely surprise the guests. The space theme promises to be a real discovery of the coming season! Bold decisions have come to replace simple colors and ornaments. For example, the wall behind the newlyweds can be decorated with a projection of the starry sky, and the banquet hall can be turned into a mini-galaxy with its constellations, orbits, comets and other astral themed designs!

Attention, Ultraviolet!

As a follow up to the space theme, it should be noted that ultraviolet was one of the main trends of 2018. This is an original and bright shade that is perfect for placing accents. If you want something more romantic, the autumn palette of 2018 also includes lavender, pink, smoky gray, marsala and beige! These colors will be relevant wedding motif ideas in 2019.

Strict Black

Black accents suddenly burst into the most popular wedding themes. It would seem that for such a celebration, a “mourning” black is not very suitable. But using accents of black in the design of the wedding can look very stylish and modern.

Black with gold or silver will add a magical glitter to the whole ceremony. This design is well suited for winter weddings, making the event even more fabulous. Gold patterns on black velvet, stunning gold-embroidered capes, gold fruits and serving items with gold decorative details will only emphasize the depth of black. And silver on the background of black will also change the color dynamic in an interesting way. Thanks to this combination you can imagine being in the castle of a Snow Queen!


Transparent details add lightness to the decor. From the arches to the signs showing the guest seating layout – it all looks great with transparent backgrounds! This fashion trend makes use of glass, crystal and plastic in the design of the wedding. Also, transparent elements of decor favorably emphasize the general tendency of minimalism.

Less Seriousness – More Soul

Let’s finish our review with the main trend for creating a nice mood. A wedding is certainly an important event, you need to carefully prepare for it, but you need to give yourself a chance to enjoy it fully.

Do not make the schedule too tight, do not take long courses around the city to see all the places, do not wear a dress with a corset in which you cannot breathe. Create a wedding that takes into account the fact that you and the guests will rest and enjoy your time. For a good example, take a look at the Jellyfish restaurant Punta Cana wedding portfolio and see how everything can work out perfectly!


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