What to Look for in a New Office Space

Moving to a new working environment is an exciting prospect, but it is also fraught with issues that need to be addressed. You want to find the perfect place for you, your staff and your business, but what does that look like? With this in mind, here we offer some advice about what to look for in a new office space.

Conducive to Business

The first consideration perhaps is whether the space is conducive to business. Is it big enough? What are the transport links like and how well serviced is the building?

Factors such as the internet speed and the number of available power sockets may be crucial if you are, for example, running an e-commerce business. In any case, if the space isn’t one in which your business can thrive and possibly expand, then give it a wide birth.

Conducting your Search

Finding the perfect space, however, is not as hard as you may imagine. Look for new or newly renovated, fully serviced office space that is airy and comfortable. A space that is managed or let by a reputable company and that has similar businesses to yours working close at hand.

Using an experienced workspace provider to find such a space has many benefits; speedy repair operatives that can be called upon to deal with any problems – a leaking tap for example. When looking for the perfect office space, you should consider a location by its specifics advantages. Not every region or city in the world offers every feature you need, but some have lots of them. Europe is a reference and an excellent place to establish your operations. That being said, Copenhagen’s office space prices will make want to check their options

Using this type of office space means it will be well maintained and you may even pick up some new business from your new neighbors.

Considering the Peripherals

Health and safety is another factor that can’t be overlooked. And a workspace provider will have seen that the appropriate risk assessments have been carried out and documented – one less thing for you to have to think about.

The same applies to insurance. With a managed office space, the cost of insurance is often part of the package, along with maintenance and cleaning. Here added value can be gained as it means you just have one monthly payment to make and that covers everything.

Added Extras

When conducting your search, look out for added extras. Many managed office spaces now allow access to communal areas where employees can relax and mix with people from other firms. This is good for both morale and for business.

Onsite gyms are another added extra to look out for and as well as helping keep you and your staff fit and healthy, they act as a great incentive for potential employees who are thinking of applying to work with you.

Every small thing helps when you are in business and so when you’re on the lookout for a new office space and so be sure you have assessed all of the options.


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