What Search-Driven Analytics Offers Your Company

Analytics has quickly become a ubiquitous business tool. One survey of executives showed that 83 percent of the respondents had pursued a data-driven project in order to preserve their competitive advantage. An almost equal number of executives agreed that companies without analytics will struggle to remain relevant.

In order to fall into the first category and not the second, many companies are embracing analytics for the first time. It’s an exciting opportunity, but it quickly becomes overwhelming once you realize how many different providers and technologies there are. Making things worse is the fact that the wrong analytics solution can prove to be an expensive disruption.

Search analytics, from companies like ThoughtSpot, are growing in popularity because it makes data-driven insights accessible without making them complicated. Users rely on an interface that looks just like a normal search bar. They enter a query using natural language, then AI collects the data, runs the numbers, and almost instantly delivers an answer. Consequently, it takes so special training or expert background to begin using data like an expert.

It’s thanks to that user-driven approach that Gartner believes search analytics will produce more insights than data scientists by 2019. But will they have the same impact at your company? Probably so considering all that search analytics has to offer…

Effortlessly Introduce Analytics

Normally, rolling out an analytics initiative would mean hiring new staff and organizing a massive training effort. Search analytics is just the opposite. Since it’s so easy to use you don’t need to hire specialized staff or retrain existing employees. You simply implement the software knowing that employees will use it to the fullest starting on day-one.

Extend Access to Analytics

Everyone has questions that data could answer, not just executives or managers. One of the most unique things about search analytics is how it democratizes access to analytics. Users at all levels can access this tool and adapt it for their own queries and workflows. As a result, analytics is something that improves every department, every employee, and every decision. Said differently, it ensures that analytics has the broadest impact possible.

Answer Questions Instantly

Older forms of analytics are harder to use and slower to act. That means after you ask a question you may have to wait days or longer to get an answer. At best this is annoying and inefficient. At worst it could cause you to miss deadlines or act recklessly. Search analytics eliminates this issue entirely by answering complex queries in a matter of moments. Whatever information is important is always available.

Dive Deeper into Data

When analytics is confusing or intimidating people tend to use it only when necessary. Search analytics, by contrast, is fast and easy, which empowers users to mine data in depth and pursue obscure (but innovative) ideas. There is no telling what kind of important insights are hiding inside your current data. Search analytics provides the freedom to go exploring.

Some tools you use occasionally. Others use daily. Search analytics is the kind of tool you and your staff will use hourly. After implementation you will wonder how you ever operated without it.


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