What Are Some of the Common Symptoms of a Sick Car?

If you knowledge a vibrating steering wheel around 50 to 70 MPH, or a steering wheel that is not centered when going down a flat road and you let go it could be you are need of an alignment fix. Do not confuse these two symptoms with your car drifting to the right in the right lane or to the left when in the left lane, as it is very likely this is from natural banking of a highway or major road to let the rain runoff.

If you feel the car is beginning shudder, make sure to have the alignment repaired ASAP because the longer you let it go, the more you pay out in the end. Poor alignment will ultimately wear out your tires or have an effect on the tie rods. Even worse, on a wet road an accident could be caused by it. Another possible cause of your car drifting is the fresh air pressure in your tires.Visit Universal Joint Manufacturer in India and Cardan Shaft Manufacturers and know more in details about drive shafts which are used in the cars.

With all of these symptoms, it is always vital that you check tire pressure or tire wear. This way you can avoid a costly repair when all you had to do was fill the tires to required pressure or have your tires rotated. You can tell if you need to rotate your tires by running your hand over the tire tread. If they are worn in one area but have an edge in the other, than you need to rotate them to balance out the wear.

Also, in case you have front wheel drive then you need to know that there is an edge on these tires for better traction in rain and snow. In the summer, they could make a humming sound. If your car goes over bumps and then moves around for a bit before stabilizing, then you need to have your shocks and struts looked at because they may be broken and in dire need of repair.Get to know more about bad car symptoms here.

Another common sign that alarms many is when they put on their turn signal and it does not work. To test and make sure that it is only the bulb out and not an electrical problem, put on the four ways, and if that side does not flash, then it is the bulb. It is good to know these simple signs because it can save lots of money on costly repairs.


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