Top SEO Tools Help You Optimize Your Website

Appearing top in SERP is essential. This is because SEO is inevitable for many companies. In last decades, SEO has evolved as a method like never before. SEO is applied at a higher level to get to the target market. With updates in the Google algorithm, the way searchers behave has also updated a lot. Be it being mobile first or voice searches, and such SEO trends have emerged in a way to help decide many factors that impact rankings.

However, search engine optimization if often misguided for being a one-time investment as of website design and web development. To attract customers organically, you must apply SEO continuously. GOOGLE and SEO are always changing. Therefore you must follow a smart approach to adapt quickly. I understand, it sounds like lots of struggle. However, some SEO tools can help in this regard. Here is the list.


GTMetrix is optimizing and site analyzer tool that tells all about website performance, such as loading speed from 7 different locations or regions across the world. It states all about loading time, a total number of user requests handled at different stages. It also help you to set up alerts which will be triggered by your webpage when it faces specific situations. GTmetrix provides a video of your webpage while it is loading and helps you to find the bottlenecks.


SEMrush helps to perform Keyword research and analyze strategies of your competitors. It also lets you run SEO audit of your site content, optimizes landing pages, finds back-linking opportunities and the like. You can also track the kind of traffic on your website, regarding organic or paid. It helps you to identify new keywords, their potential and help you create better content by learning effective content strategies.


Backlink audit is difficult, but Majestic’s sophisticated robot is there to help you analyze how trustworthy your referrals and backlinks are. With its site explorer tool, you can analyze your URL in detail. It also helps you to compare competitors’ backlink history.


It’s another critical tool to collect competitors’ information. Just enter competitor’s URL and find all the keywords and ad variation they are using. It also provides useful recommendations to increase traffic. Moreover, you can connect and create beneficial partnerships because SpyFu informs you about each domain which bids on your AdWords and recommends AdWords to bid.

Pro Rank Tracker

It’s a cloud-based free keyword rank tracker that prepare and give advanced stats for your site by supplying information on keywords your site is ranking for, and suggest the keywords to target.

Moz Pro

Moz Pro is a comprehensive tool with a user-friendly interface that takes care of overall SEO needs. It provides insights and analytics to boost your SERP. Its free add-ons like Keyword Explorer and Open Site Explorer are particularly useful.

In this dynamic and ever-changing digital world, SEO is a continuous business operation that needs continuous monitoring of your site’s performance. An array of problems such as fonts, meta tags, content, coding, images, links and broken links, and the like, there must be at least one tool out there to help you. However, being professional you must focus on your primary business objectives and leave this complicated and important task in the hands of some professional website design or website development company.


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