Organize Plant Tours with a Tour Guide System from Translation India

With the Tour Guide System – or the Multimedia Smart Guide you could have a sort of methods to make guided tour through your plant targeted. Furthermore to the normal listening to aid, you’re capable to set unique expertise fabric equivalent to soundtracks, movies, texts, and images at the push of a button or mechanically via an indoor or out of doors navigation, even as utilizing our new release of guiding methods, the Multimedia guide.

Thanks to the specialized science from TRANSLATION INDIA it’s convenient for firms to offer Guided plant tours. The cause for it lies within the lengthy experience in the progress of our optimized Tour advisor techniques, which advantages you. With these wireless tour guide boring and monotonous tours through a plant are a thing of the previous. For that reason, we want to show you what group guiding procedure are available.


The education of factory tour guide without technical aid, is related to a number of effort for guides. We offer options with our basic and time-saving visitor guiding systems. Insights into the construction can aid persuade purchasers of your product. During the manufacturing facility tour, individuals are guided by means of distinctive sections of the plant and as a consequence obtain insights into the respective production steps. The useful solutions from TRANSLATION INDIA relieve the guide immensely and make the guided excursions for the individuals vastly more intriguing and instructive.

One among our methods for guided plant tours is the tour guide communication system. It is likely one of the most realistic and flexible approaches to offer factory excursions. There are a number of design options with this multimedia guide. The classic tour, where a consultant passes on understanding to the contributors, will also be implemented with no trouble.

It is only as handy to offer the participants of the manufacturing facility tour a good better experience by using visually supporting the tour. Movies and photographs in regards to the history of the factory, the foundation of the raw materials and insights into the machines are just one of the crucial selected possibilities that open up for you. A distinct highlight of the Smart Guide procedure is the likelihood to let participants utterly explore the manufacturing unit by myself. Constant routes can save useful time and manpower without creating a worse expertise for the contributors.


Before the development of the Tour Guide Systems the question got here up, how excursions with gigantic agencies can also be made equally enjoyable for all contributors. The Tour Guide process is established on a guide that passes on the expertise survive site to the viewers of the factory tour. This is the usual process for traditional factory excursions.

The difference is that the individuals now obtain this information via headphones. Environment the desired quantity is for that reason possible without the consultant having to vary his possess tonality when speaking. The use in noisy creation halls can also be possible with this science from TRANSLATION INDIA. That is why the tour guide sound system is the correct resolution for factory excursions in tremendous groups.


Organizations have many choices for an individualized product. Considered one of them is the use of the corporate Design on our contraptions. As a result, the impact of the factory tour turns into way more authentic, the individuals think very good sorted.

Even with specific requests and alterations regarding product necessities, further options are on hand. Which you can readily comment on specific suggestions and agree with us.


Offering tour guide wireless microphone is a first-rate way for corporations and their buyers to gain insight into creation and, on the other hand, preserve it. Without technical help, this task is on the whole associated with difficulties. The tours appear either fairly monotonous or too giant groups make it problematic to pass on the know-how to all individuals in an appropriate type. Visual aid makes the tours more exciting and the transmission of the spoken word on headphones guarantees flawless conversation.


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