How to Go for Influencer Marketing to Boost an E-commerce Business?

Gone are the days when traditional forms of marketing used to create a huge impact on businesses. The scenario has changed for the good now. Influencer marketing has become an integral part of many businesses.

Especially, when it comes to digital marketing, it has become one of the major aspects, In fact, there are myriads of e-commerce businesses which have launched influencer marketing campaigns for promoting their brands. It is one of the best ways to earn a huge revenue and accentuate the sales conversion.

Are you even looking for skyrocketing your online businesses? You must remember that influencer marketing is the key!

Just read on how it works…

  • Gathering potential influencers 

The first comes first! If you want to execute an influencer marketing campaign, you need to find the potential influencers. While you do that, make sure that you are sticking to your niche. If an influencer is from your niche, he can be expected to have an expertise in that. Their intensive knowledge in your particular genre helps them to create an outstanding bunch of contents. All in all, you should ensure that there is a great relevance between you can your influencer.

An excellent example: 

Who doesn’t know about Rolex? It is one of the timeless and classy brands in the watchmaking industry. Also, they have an acute level of collaboration with various sports events like F1, Wimbledon etc.

Hence, their partnership with Roger Federer is definitely a perfect one! Roger has been seen promoting a Rolex watch on his official Instagram. It is definitely something excellent! You should keep this fact in your mind while promoting your e-commerce business.

  • Contact your influencers 

Now, that you are done with identifying your potential influencers, you need to pitch them. You can send them a proposal of collaboration. Here, it is quite significant to keep some important pitching tactics in your mind.

You should research them beforehand to always end up using the best ones. Here, you must keep in mind that influencers get many collaboration proposals. So, you need to make your one stand out in order to get accepted.

One of the foremost ways to motivate your potential influencers is offering lucrative sales commission from partnerships. For example, there can be a special discount code from your end to them in order to give away to their followers. Thus, they will get a commission from the entire sales that have been generated with the help of that. It will certainly seem to be something really lucrative for them. So, there are better chances that they will end up getting into a collaboration with you!

  • Curate unique marketing content 

Once you collaboration is done, you should now think of creating unique content. One of the best ways how you can let them generate premium quality content is by providing a creative freedom to your influencers. If you do so, it will let you create long-term relationships with the influencers. So, it’s important that you shouldn’t overlook this factor at all.

One of the amazing examples of this fact is what we see the popular TV personality Giuliana Rancic doing while promoting SmarTrike, the ride-on vehicles company. In one of her Instagram post, she mentioned a SmarTrike while saying that she has bought it for her best friend’s child. She also mentioned that it would have been great if her son had a SmarTrike too when he was a baby.

As she was seen telling the story in her own voice, it seems to be authentic. In this way, she got a creative freedom to generate content as of how she likes. Finally, this post was loaded with 19,000 likes and hundreds of comments!

Source: Instagram

  • Obey the rules

According to FTC, there are certain laws which are compliant with the particular locations and type of campaign that you are doing. The FTC is definitely not unreasonable and harsh on small businesses about doing influencer marketing. However, it is required that you need to know the rules and how to be compliant. You should always keep the documents and disclosures in consideration for paid influencer ads and endorsements. Finally, it is required to follow them accordingly to avoid any legal action.

  • Hold up the outreach 

If you’re having a constant schedule of influencer promotions going over time, you should always keep up the approach. There is a basic necessity of constantly finding new potential influencers and reaching out to them. However, you should keep in mind that it’s not very easy to find out the right influencers.

Influencer marketing takes a lot of good work! Precisely, it requires more intricate support and hands-on work when compared to the common forms of advertising such as Facebook or Google ads. It’s because influencer marketing is more about dealing with sensible human beings and it’s just not computers and machines. Remember that you should build lasting relationships with your influencers who care about your brand.

  • Create impeccable experiences 

One of the effective ways to engage an audience through influencer marketing is providing them with unique experiences. If you announce the giveaways events, it can prove to be a smart idea. It is one of the best ways to offer a unique experience to your clients. The giveaways actually create chances for audiences to win something. Hence, people get willingly engaged in such events. The one and only thing that you need to keep in mind are that you should customize the rules as per the requirements of your business.

Well, you just have to keep the aforementioned potential facts in your mind to kick-start influencer marketing in case of your e-commerce business. It just needs a few of these simple tricks and finally, you will end up boosting up your business like never before.


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