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Have you found yourself hoarding certain pieces of jewellery lately? Those earrings you’ve got from your boss you never liked but couldn’t get rid of, or that one ring that has a carat or two that you always feared would be appraised below five pounds? Well, there’s a very good reason why you, like many other people have drawers full of jewellery that are just sitting there valueless.

Perhaps you could get a dozen pennies for a 2-piece set of earrings if you decided to spend an afternoon looking for a decent deal, or you could try another, much easier way – online pawning.

No one ever said that you need to sell your jewellery per se. No matter how little these items mean to you in a sentimental sense, jewellery pieces are objectively speaking very valuable, so the best way to retain the option of buying them back is to pawn them. 

If you’re looking to pawn jewellery in London, Fish Brothers pawn shop is the best place for you to check out.

There’s a very good reasons why you should at least consider pawning some of the jewellery you haven’t used for years.

First of all, someone out there might like it more, not to mention that they’ll pay handsomely in turn. One of the best things about Fish Brothers online pawn shop is that they have a team of professionals who appraise the value of each item that comes their way, so you don’t need to fret about getting ‘robbed blind’. What’s more, easy cash is something we all want, isn’t it? Let’s see how the process goes, shall we?

First of all, the aforementioned team of professionals will determine the value of the jewellery piece in question. The materials used in the construction process of that specific jewellery piece will have the most bearing on the final verdict, but a very important factor is also a hallmark, or a lack thereof. Pieces without any hallmarks are most likely to be tested further in the store.

Diamonds have a somewhat different appraisal method – the carat weight, cut, colour, and clarity are the most important factors here. You’ll hit a jackpot if the jewellery piece you intend to pawn was made by a well reputable designer (for example Tiffany, or such).

Not to be mixed with diamonds, the coloured gemstones have a slightly different method of evaluation. They’re appraised based on the hue, saturation, cut, and colour.

You’ll be notified about the final verdict on a very short notice, so you can then decide whether you want to continue with the pawning transaction or not. In a likely case that you do, you should just visit the Fish Brothers online pawn shop website and check out the ‘rate calculator’ to see the loan rates and everything related to the matter.

The entire process is simple, the benefits are great, so there is really no viable reason why you shouldn’t at least consider trying it out.


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Written by Tom Clark

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