Different types of fire curtains available in the market

The fire curtain is not a new concept. You can say that it has been around since 1887 when a fire catastrophe at one of the royal theaters destroyed many lives. This catastrophe is what led to the invention of the fire curtain. The fire curtain is essentially a specially constructed curtain which drops down from the ceiling in order to separate the fire area from the normal area. This is often also referred to as compartmentalization. It is called compartmentalization as when the curtain is dropped it creates fire compartments and safe compartments. This usually done in order to save the property from destroying and buying us time before the rescue team comes. The fire curtain is made up of fiberglass material which makes it even more flexible and compact.

Different types of fire curtains available in the market:

One can easily put up a fire curtain almost anywhere. The fire curtain is also similar to the metal roller shutter and comes down from a top box. There are various types of fire curtains as well.

  • Static Fire Curtains – These are fixed fire curtain which has been known to provide compartmentalization in open spaces such as warehouses or lofts.
  • Insulated Fire Curtains – These curtains are good for small spaces. They allow people to pass by from close range without being affected by the fire. These curtains provide extra insulation to the fire curtains.
  • Automatic Fire Curtains – this is one of the most widely used curtains. There are automatic curtains, which come down as soon as they detect fire. These are extremely beneficial and help in saving the property from a large catastrophe.

What are the benefits of fire curtains?

Therefore, we can say that there are various benefits also present that we get from using fire curtains. Here is a list of some such benefits.

  • Easy Installation

One of the main benefits of fire curtain is that they are very easy to install. Since they are made out of fiberglass material they are pretty compact. The fire consultants help you through and guide you as to where you need to install these curtains. The fire curtain requires only a top box and roller to bring them down, but you do not even install the rollers in case of automatic curtains. Therefore, we can easily establish the fact that fire curtains are very easy to install and create no problem as such.

  • Protection of property 

One of the major benefits which we get from the installation of this type of curtain is that they help us protection from any damage happening to the property. The curtains main task is to help protect the property and human people from catching fire.  The curtains ensure that no flames spread and also ensure that smoke does not get spread to the people who are already present in the premises. So now you can also install these fire curtains in your office, warehouse, and home to prevent fire, and you can protect your property with utmost safety measurements.

  • Design 

Since the fire curtain is as good as invisible curtains when they are not descended, they do not affect the design of the building. The fire curtains are hence easy to install, and no one has to think twice about it. Apart from that, you can also choose some colorful fire curtains for your commercial and residential establishments, and you can easily find them online.

To install the fire curtains, you need to hire some trained professionals and you can take helps from the dealers in this regard. You can search different types of fire curtains online and customize your curtains according to your needs.


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