6-Point Checklist for a Successful Job Hunt

You work hard to get your degree.

In the rush of getting a diploma, you might not anticipate the danger of going out there. You might miss the reality that getting a job is a whole different game.

Use this 6 -point checklist to make sure you don’t miss anything the next time you hunt for a job.

1. Be confident.

Being a fresh graduate or a newbie in your desired industry is not an excuse to sell yourself short. Always remember you’re considered now an undiscovered treasure.

Take a minute to assess yourself. What are your skills? Your lifestyle? Your mindset? If you know you’re worth it, it will reflect on your actions. Make them know you’re someone worth hiring for.

Having a positive outlook is important when looking for a job. Believe me, you need it.

2. Grab opportunity.

Don’t expect to bring home a top position when it’s your first time to hunt a job. With the diploma or not, you will start on the bottom, and that’s normal.

Having the experience is essential in growing your career, so if you’re aiming for a golden stride, get as much experience as you can.

Not only it will help you to back up your resume, it will also help you to figure things out. As a fresh graduate, you might have doubts about your future. Your first job can be an initial experiment in your industry. In your first job, you might discover a few things about your preference in your career.

You can enter any kind of industry, including job not related to your course. You can be a streetsweeper, fast food crew or  a cashier at Walmart. This entry level position can prepare you for a more serious position. Check out this Walmart job application guide for more information.

3. Build your network

You need connections, and I’m not talking about your fellow graduates, professors, relatives, and neighbors. I’m talking about your peers and colleagues that are working in your desired industry. Building connection with them can give you an insight of the work. Plus, when they know you, opportunities might come knocking at your door.

4 Have a guide or a mentor.

These days, we all have this group of people called career guru. They are effective in giving out advice. Only make sure to go to a reputable mentor, so your effort and money will not be wasted.

However, if you want to cut back on expenses, you can choose to look up resources like articles and videos on the Internet.

Everybody needs a guide. This whole career journey is new to you, so better have some tricks and advice in your pocket., but don’t let others’ pieces of  advice make the whole decision for you. The final say should always be up to you. Don’t let the world decide your path. It’s always your pick. Thus, start crafting your plan of action.

5. Prepare for your interviews.

If you have interview tomorrow, it’s best that you do your research. Find out everything about the company. Determine what your desired job entails, and of course, also learn the right way to deliver a winning interview.

6. Search for jobs in legit career websites.

With the developing technology, hunting a job is made easier. You can check out these websites for available job positions.

  • LinkedIn
  • Indeed
  • Monster
  • Craigslist


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Written by Albert Hibo

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