5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Mascot

Do you own a small business in Melbourne? Marketing is essential for brand establishment and growth. What marketing tools do you use for your brand? Do they guarantee results?

Apart from assigning a significant share of the budget to the initial marketing expenses, i.e. typical online and offline collaterals, such as advertisements on television, social media, website and radio, what else do you employ to stand out from the crowd? Do you know mascots are considered extremely marketing-friendly tools for all types of businesses? Do you have a mascot for your business? Do you know why you should have one? Read on to know the compelling reasons why every business should spend their marketing budget in mascots:

  1. Adds personality

How are you planning to establish your brand? What is the right strategy to give a face to the business? Creating a brand personality is not as easy as it may sound. Most businesses fail to get the right message across to their target audience, which prevents them from creating a positive brand personality. However, with the help of a unique mascot, you can add character, personality and face to your business. Establishing a physical as well as emotional connection with the brand is more comfortable with a mascot.

  1. Helps with brand retention

When people can associate your products and services with a face, then it can enhance your brand retention significantly. The right path to the brand establishment is through brand retention only. No matter if your products and services are manufactured perfectly; if your target audience is unable to relate to it, they will not spend on it. In the end, you want sales, right? Hiring a mascot who wears a custom-made costume is the way to go about it.

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  1. Ensures a competitive edge (marketing)

All you need is a competitive edge to survive in the industry. Marketing is a highly competitive field, and a mascot can elevate your chances notably because not only will it give your brand a personality and face, but you can use the spokesperson efficiently to target potential customers across the market in a better manner. The social media tools can be used more powerfully because people tend to engage more with mascots than real people.

  1. Entertain and engage

Not only will it be beneficial to hire a mascot for social media, but will also entertain your target audience in real life. Imagine, your mascot standing on the side of the road, interacting with passerby(s). The fact that a funnily dressed individual will attract attention towards your business is enough to know how can this entertain the passersby(s). Apart from that, he can communicate the mission objectives of your business with them in a more entertaining and engaging manner. This is how you can utilise a mascot to its fullest potential because it isn’t only about having a funny costume, the message & the messenger matter equally.

  1. Cost-effective

Contrary to popular belief, mascots aren’t expensive. Yes, they do cost a certain amount of money because you have to pay the spokesperson and the costume designer; however, the results are worth every dime. Considering all the benefits mentioned above, a mascot can improve your business proceedings significantly, which will, in turn, elevate your profits in the long haul. If you compare this with any other marketing tool, you can identify the need to incorporate a mascot in your marketing strategy.

The road to success requires brand establishment, crowd attention and higher sales; a by-product of having an entertaining and engaging mascot for your brand.

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