Ways Through Which You Can Damage Your Knee

Our entire body weight is carried out by the knees. But, you need to understand that it can get damaged easily if you do not take proper care. Additionally, not getting the treatment at the right time can also damage the knee even more. In this guide, we will tell you the ways which damage the knee.

The knee joint helps in  joining the thigh bone with the top of the shin bone. This is made of muscles, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, and bones. The parts work together which help you bend the leg, keep is straight, and swivel. But, there are some ways in which you can damage the knee.

  • Ignoring the knee pain

If you get pain occasionally then it is fine. But, you need to understand that when you can ignore the pain and when you can’t. When the knee is limiting you not to do your work then you need to visit the doctor. If the pain is persistent then you need to get it checked so that the doctor can tell you the ways in which the problem can be fixed.

  • Overweight

Every pound of body weight put force on the knee and considerably having 5 kilos of extra weight will put a load on the joints. Being overweight also increases the risk of osteoarthritis in the knee. Excess weight can also increase the risk of arthritis in women.

What you need to do is to lose your weight by following a healthy diet and doing exercise. If the problem is increasing then you should consult the doctor for knee pain treatment. One of the ways in which the problem can be treated by knee replacement.

  • Not taking proper rest and rehab

Once you get a knee injury, you need to take proper care and rehabilitation so that in future the injury is avoided. You need to need in mind what actually caused the issue and after the treatment how much time it will take to recover from the surgery. In most cases, it takes around a few weeks to several months.

During rehab, there should be someone with you to tell how much you have recovered. Additionally, what you need to avoid and what you should do. Make sure you give yourself proper time so that your knees get all the strength back.

  • Ignoring the muscles around the knee

The doctors always say that people will face an issue when their muscles are weak and inflexible which eventually leads to a knee injury. The issue can be avoided by strengthening the quadriceps and hamstring muscles with exercise such as leg presses, hamstring curls, knee extensions, stretching. If you are not sure which exercise will be best for you and how much you should do then consult the doctor once. They will give you the best advice.

  • Neglecting the ACL

The ACL or anterior cruciate ligament is the most common ligament in the knee which get injured. Moreover, playing high-risk sports like basketball and football also put extra strain on the knee.The studies have also shown that women have more risk of this problem as compared to men. Talk to the doctor about the risk and the ways in which you can prevent the injury.

  • Overdoing the exercise

Keep in mind that, you should not overdo exercise.  You should give your body some time to adjust after the injury.

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