Tips to Find the Best Hairstyle That Suits You  

Choosing a hairstyle that suits you may not be easy. You need to keep in mind a number of pointers that often decide whether a haircut or a hairstyle is good for you. They include:

  • Hair length.
  • Hair texture.
  • Face type.
  • Your personal sense of style.

You may also be inspired by the latest haircut trends that delightfully bring out the feminine look in you. If you decide to go for a haircut, it is imperative that you make an appointment with a hairstylist for the best advice. A hairstylist will recommend the best haircut based on your face type and the trends you prefer. What’s more, a hair stylist is in a position to cut and style your hair using the best hair liners for an incredible style.

Choosing hairstyles for different face types

Oval face

If you have an oval face, avoid hairstyles that elongate your face. A blunt bob is one of the hairstyles that works best with an oval face. This is because it has framing pieces that help to clear the shoulder. A shoulder-length cut is ideal with subtle layers as it adds volume to your hair.

Similarly, side-swept bangs are ideal for long hairstyles. Bangs frame the face while creating a beautiful balancing effect.

Slicked back and high fashion hairstyles are also great for this face type. They keep the hair away from the face hence creating a balanced effect.

Heart shaped face

A heart-shaped face is wider at the hairline, therefore, go for hairstyles that accentuate or enhance the shape of the face. Create a balance by settling for styles that pull your hair up. The best hairstyles to go for include:

  • Ponytails including a slicked-back high ponytail.
  • High top knots.  
  • A bob with little layers.
  • Blowout soft curls but keep the hair at shoulder length.
  • Retro texture waves that have a sweeping fringe for long hair.
  • Consider a lob that clears the hair around the jawline and shoulder.
  • For long hairstyles, always keep loose waves but ensure they draw attention from your forehead.
  • Shoulder length hairstyles are excellent as they add volume to the area around the lower side of your face. Therefore, they create a beautiful and wider jawline.

Square face

A square face is characterized by a strong jawline. For this reason, it is wise to go for a style that softens the jawline while accentuating your face shape. A blunt bob and a soft bang are ideal because they soften the lines on your forehead and face.

  • For long hairstyles, consider straight hairstyles that elongate your face.
  • Layered bob with soft bangs for short hair.
  • Feathery layered hairstyles for medium hair.
  • Layered hairstyles for long hair.

Round Faces

The main goal to keep in mind when styling a round face is to elongate it and create an illusion of an oval shape. This can be achieved by leaving untucked hair on one side of your face. The best hairstyles to go for include:

  • A short defined pixie pie.
  • Gamine with sliced layers on the crown area.
  • A high pony as it elongates the face.
  • A choppy layered bob hairstyle for medium hair.
  • Mid-back length hair.

Long/elongated faces

Long or elongated faces are beautiful with hairstyles that make your face wider. Such hairstyles create a balance by opening up the face. The best hairstyles to settle for include:

  • Curls especially bushy curls.
  • Flat iron waves because of their widening effects.
  • An amazing salon style blowout, as it adds more width and volume to your face.
  • Bob with a side part below the chin.
  • Beachy waves for long hair.
  • Avoid hairstyles with high updos, pixie cuts, and heavy blunt bangs.

Diamond face

Choosing a hairstyle for a diamond face is not a hard task, since it is symmetrical and balanced. However, you need to accentuate the face to highlight the cheekbones. Therefore, go for hairstyles with long layers and pony-tails to show off the cheekbone structure. The best hairstyles for this face type include:

  • Curly hairstyles.
  • Shoulder weeping wavy hair for medium hairs.
  • Straight bangs as they give a beautiful illusion of a wider face.
  • Soft waves.

A Triangle face

For an A Triangle face, you need hairstyles that draw away attention from the jawline. Go for fringes and bangs.

  • For short hair, consider a short textured bob.
  • Heavy curls for medium hair.
  • Side swept bangs and wavy hairstyles for long hair.

Therefore, before you settle for any hairstyle, know your face type. This will help you to settle for a hairdo that enhances your beauty and elegance.


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