Modern Appliances to Use for Elders with Back Injuries

Most families consider their homes to be a central gathering place. However, your home, especially the kitchen gradually becomes a nightmare for seniors when they grow old or unable to perform everyday tasks. Also, it also becomes difficult always to keep an eye on the seniors every moment. However, they are some ways that can be observed to ensure that your elders are safe.

We have listed modern appliances to use for elders with back injuries to ensure they are okay.

Hand Bars and Rails in Your Home

As difficult as this seems it might be a small price to pay when it comes to promoting your family’s safety. You can add a few rails to your kitchen and stairways to make it easy for your seniors to walk. Something to note is that most elderlies with a back injury have tingling legs and hence moving is hard for them. Therefore the hand bars will enable them to move. Also, have non-slippery rugs where near the counter with the hand bars or rails to make the house more secure for your seniors.

Wide Kitchen Doorways and Hallways

Make your house, especially kitchen accessible to your elderlies. Notably, this will make your seniors with back injuries and hence need a wheelchair to move around easily. Furthermore, you can add a Coccyx Cushion to ensure they are comfortable as they move around in their wheelchair. You can check here at elevating seniors an online platform that will enable you to purchase a suitable coccyx cushion for your senior. Notably, this will improve their posture and ease their back pain. Also making the doorways and hallways broader will reduce accidents or injuries to them. Mainly, this will also benefit you as you will have more space to cook and move conveniently.

Install Bright Lights

Often, the seniors have trouble seeing things clearly; that is why it is crucial to install bright lights to help them move around. Mostly if they trip and fall since they cannot find their way around they will end up making their back injury worse. Hence, to avoid any accidents and keep the seniors safe ensure that the room is visible.

Accessible Counter-tops

Most of the countertops are too high that the seniors must strain to get anything. Often, this makes their back injury to worsen having in mind that once they are reaching for something they are also straining their back. Notably, this can be problematic if you live with a senior that has a back injury. Hence, you can make it easier for them by ensuring that the countertop is accessible in that it’s at the right height. You can also make it easier by guaranteeing that they can distinguish the countertop by adding a different color. Often, this will enable your seniors to see the edges and not also strain their eyes. It will be a win for you all as further injuries will be avoided.

Obstacle Free Floors

Notably, this will allow stress-free movement having in mind that rugs can cause difficulties in movements, especially if the elderlies have a back injury and hence have a walking problem. Mostly the carpets make the senior trip while trying to move. Therefore, it’s advisable to remove the carpets and let your house be a place where they can move freely.

Apply Skid-resistant Floor Technique

Slippery floors can be dangerous to the elderlies as they might end up falling. Notably falling and one already has a back injury they might end up obtaining fractures that damage the spinal cord. Hence avoid marble or tiled floors that often slippery to eliminate the chances of finding your loved ones lying down on the floor while in agonizing pain.

Comfortable Handles on Cabinet and Doors

Often, this might need you to remodel your previous design, but the best part is this process can be implemented quickly without significant changes. The elderlies may have challenges when it comes to grabbing handles or knobs due to the weakening of their muscles. Hence installing new knobs that are convenient and not slippery will make it easy for them to access rooms in your home. However, if this is too much, you can always remove the cabinet and doors to make it easy for your older grandparents or parents with a back injury to access the kitchen.

It is advisable to start implementing the listed safety tips today and ensure that the seniors at your home are secure and comfortable. Also, this will avoid further injuries and make their recovery process easy and safe.


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