Feeling lethargic??? Ways to treat malaise

Malaise is the feeling of tiredness or lethargy caused by various reasons. During this time, it is very difficult to work or stay awake or even have focused thinking. This feeling makes a person want to constantly stay in bed and generally it last for a good while.

Reasons for malaise can naturally be due to stress or be induced by some abnormal conditions such as anaemia, the flu or fever, migraine, heart disease etc. Sometimes it presents as a symptoms of a disease and continues throughout sickness and can even occur during treatment of some diseases.

Malaise can naturally be suppressed in different ways such as drinking water and staying hydrated, making breakfast a priority, eat lots of nuts in variety, try to have adequate balanced sleep and try some yoga. Also the sign of malaise can indicate underlying health problems, its always worthwhile to consult with a doctor to be safe.

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