Different types of Programs for Troubled Teens

Today, in the advanced world, teens have many things to face, but the challenges become difficult when they deal with emotional, social or mental health issues.  These problems can lead them on a dark path of offending and self-destructive behavior that causes havoc in their academic, social and family lives.

It even becomes hard for the parents to handle when their teens are rebellious and when they are creating issues that are causing them fear, frustration, harm, and pain. It is not an easy task to control the troubled teen at home. There is an ever-expanding array of a residential program for troubled teens which makes it difficult to know which one is right for the teenager. Here are some programs that may help you decide the type of program for the struggling teens:

•    Wilderness Camps:

The program offers short-term therapeutic camps that continue from several weeks to months. Their motive is to remove the teens from their current negative environment of home, school, and friends. During the treatment, the camp provides experienced leaders, guides and counselors to teach the youth about self-reliance and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Many activities are a part of these camps such as hiking, rock climbing, boating, fishing, and more. The programs are excellent in helping troubled teens to start working on the issues and make the decision to endeavor for long-lasting change.

•    Boot Camps

These are short-term programs that have a structured schedule and, approach. They offer an intense fitness component as well as therapy and activities that are ideal for short-term change. It can be an excellent start for troubled teens who are having a hard time committing to improve.

•    Residential Treatment Centers

They offer long-term facilities where the struggling teens can receive clinical and medical aid for the issues. Residential treatment centers can be short-term or long-term. The long-term facilities have an educational component where trained teachers and staff work with the teens to stay updated with the academics or school. The residential treatment centers offer activities and recreation components to help with the modification of teen’s behavior.

•    Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Therapeutic boarding schools are also long-term which provides the facility of schools with lots of students, regular classes and licensed teachers. Therapy also plays a significant role, with individual and group therapy several times a week. Extracurricular activities are also a part of the program that can range from traditional school clubs like drama and debate to something unusual like horseback riding and skiing.

The needs and requirement of every child are specific. When choosing the treatment programs for the troubled teens, focus on the facilities which can meet the requirements.


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