Can A Massage Chair Improve Your Health? Let us find out together

A massage chair is one piece of equipment that is very complex to understand. Opinion is often divided as to whether it should be a luxury or a must-have item. While some people dismiss it, there are others who have reaped immeasurable benefits by investing in this relaxing premium chair.

Besides the standard feel factor you get, you also stand to reap from the benefits of any massage therapy. Although its effects are still inferior to that of a hands-on massage, a massage chair does have its ups. For one, scheduling isn’t an issue if you invest in one.

For a more balanced lifestyle, more people are turning up to massage chairs for emotional and physical benefits. But can a massage chair improve your health? Well, stay with me for an in-depth analysis.

How Does a Massage Chair Improve Your Health?

A massage chair has tremendous benefits to your overall health. Whether it’s a relief from sore muscles, anxiety or just the feel-good factor that boosts your mood, everyone stands to benefit from a massage chair.

Basically, a massage chair is a kind of electronic chair with a host of functionalities. It bears a close resemblance to a recliner chair, albeit with different purposes.

Some of the most common functionalities that a massage chair does are heat therapy, kneading massage, cervical neck traction, and foot rollers. If you haven’t got one for yourself already, I suggest you visit a massage chair expert for more insight on the best option for you.

That being said, there are several ways in which a massage chair improves your health.

  1. Improved Body Posture

If you work on a conventional desk the whole day, the chances are that after some time you start to experience back and neck muscle pain. You could perform workouts to relieve you of these pains, but the workday schedule doesn’t allow you to.

A massage chair targets these specific muscles. It then applies strokes of different kinds to relieve you of the pain. By relaxing the muscles, your posture imbalance is rectified, allowing for increased mobility.

  1. Your Spine Becomes Aligned as Nerve Pressure Reduces

Just as a reclining chair, a massage chair supports your spine in its natural position. And since nerves terminating to various body organs originate from the vertebrae in the spine, pressure on the spine is transmitted to the nerves.

During a massage session on a chair, the strokes relax the muscles, eliminating the tension. Relaxing the vertebrae supporting muscles, in turn, lengthens the spine. As it resumes the natural alignment, the pressed nerves are released as you start to feel more relaxed.

  1. Massage Chairs Enhance the Efficiency of Your Lymphatic System

Your lymphatic system plays an essential role in keeping you immune to pathogens. It is part of your body’s circulatory system. The lymphatic system transports lymph, a fluid that contains the body’s white blood cells. These cells guard your body against infections.

A massage chair is a more effective way of reducing swellings. Perhaps you are common with the “putting your feet up” after a hard days’ of work to combat inflammation. Research shows that massage chairs in the recline position trigger better lymphatic fluid flow.

  1. Improved Blood Circulation for Better Health

Blood circulation impact to a great deal how healthy you become. Your brain, liver, heart, limbs could deteriorate as a result of poor blood circulation. Nutrients, red blood cells, and flushing of toxins from your system all depend on blood circulation too.

As you go about your daily activities, your muscles become tensed and constricted. As a result, blood flow becomes more restricted. Spending some time on a massage chair then works to relax these muscles, allowing blood to flow freely to essential body organs.

  1. Reduces Anxiety and Depression

Every year, millions of people around the globe become depressed and anxious at some point. It could be as a result of the strenuous work life. If you happen to experience any of these psychological disorders, then a massage chair could be a great relief.

These chairs release vibrations that stimulate pressure points on you. In addition, stroking, kneading your body triggers the release of serotonin and dopamine neurotransmitters. These two combine to relieve you from the effects of depression.

  1. Reduces The Effects of Trigger Points

If you were still putting on hold the idea of a trip to a massage chair expert, then this benefit will convince you otherwise. If you feel pain after performing strenuous or overexertion exercises, then a massage chair is what you need for relief.

The resulting pain is what is referred to as trigger points and occur as a result of sore muscles that restrict your motion ranges. It is the reason why you literally cannot raise your arms after working out on occasions. A massage chair loosens the knots (tense muscles), leaving you feeling better.

  1. Enhanced Quality of Sleep

It is not only hands-on massage that helps individuals combat the effects of insomnia. A massage chair produces the same effect too. Studies indicate that having a chair massage also stimulates your brain to produce serotonin neurotransmitter.

Moreover, this substance is then used to generate another hormone known as melatonin. This hormone prepares your brain to sleep after an exhausting activity. In other people, a massage increases one’s delta waves, which have been linked to better sleep.

  1. Improved Post-Workout Recovery

It does not matter whether your massage sessions are on site or you have a personal massage chair at home. Having a massage after a workout improves your recovery rates. Cytokines production reduces hence facilitating decreased inflammation.

There is also increased mitochondria activity. Glucose conversion to energy receives a boost enabling the repair and function of body cells. These two processes working in conjunction with one another will make you recover faster and less strenuous on your body.


Having a massage chair is amazing investment. In order to fully realize its benefits, be sure to use it in the right way. Each of these benefits depends on the settings that you use, and the level of pressure applied to your muscles.

If you are not sure about how to use any of the programmed settings, ask for an expert opinion. As a result, you would enjoy increased benefits to your health apart from the increased convenience.


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