4 Ways To Combat Reoccurring UTIs

Numerous people suffer from recurrent UTIs. Some of the most common explanations for the condition include being diabetic, having kidney stones and having a catheter. You should look into a specialized UTI prevention drink as a thorough bacterial defense, or you can implement these methods. In the event these do not work, then you should see a doctor for additional guidance.

  1. Drink More Water

Before you start any other regimen, you should consider whether you are drinking enough water. This will flush bacteria out of your bladder before bacteria has a chance to cling on. When you constantly have to urinate, you significantly decrease your chances of getting a UTI. This is the most natural UTI prevention available.

  1. Consume Vitamin C

In the event you do not get enough vitamin C from your diet, you may need supplements. Vitamin C reduces your chances of getting an infection because it acidifies your urine. Sometimes the only way to prevent an infection is to change the pH balance of your urine.

  1. Drink Cranberry Juice or Take an Extract

This is an age-old tactic of preventing recurring infections. You may want to consider an extract to avoid the unnecessary sugar. However, when juice is the only option available, you should at least avoid mixing it with other substances that increase its sugar content.

  1. Reconsider Birth Control

People who use spermicide or a diaphragm should rethink birth control if they also suffer from reoccurring UTIs. Those substances can lead to bacterial growth. There are other birth control methods available, and switching could lead to improvements.

Anyone who does decide to use supplements to combat UTIs should look into products that utilize all-natural ingredients. You can enjoy a higher-quality of life with the right methods, and you can contact a UTI prevention company online to learn more about the array of options available.  


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Written by Virily Editor